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17 ноября, 11:00
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24 ноября, 11:00
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28 ноября – 14 декабря

"What does it mean: to be an internal auditor? Secrets of the profession" Career Workshop

Мероприятие завершено
Stefano Perazzini

Chief Audit Executive of UniCredit Bank

When: November, the 6-th, 18-30 - 20-00


Where: Pokrovsky b-rd, 11, R-404




What does it mean: to be an internal auditor? How to build the career in the internal audit? What is the role of internal auditor in UniCredit Bank?

Stefano Perazzini, Chief Audit Executive of UniCredit Bank will answer these and many other questions in his presentation. He will name the competencies one must have to succeed in internal audit, share professional situations and best practices, and demonstrate real examples of internal audit activities based on practical cases that he will analyze together with you.



P. S. Attendance and final essay on master classes "Career Development in Finance" are taken into account when assessing the practice of students of financial specializations of the 4th year of the educational program "Economics".


International students are welcome to participate!