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109028, Moscow, Pokrovsky Boulevard 11, T423
Phone: +7 (495) 621 13 42,
+ 7(495) 772 95 90 *27200; *27212.
Email: dhm-econ@hse.ru

School Head Fuad T. Aleskerov
Manager Oksana Kolotvina
Anastasia Lomakina
Senior Administrator Anastasia Lomakina
Recent Advances of the Russian Operations Research Society

Edited by: F. T. Aleskerov, А. А. Васин.

Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020.

On Some Equations Modeling the Yang–Mills Equations

Marchuk N., Shirokov D.

Physics of Particles and Nuclei. 2020. Vol. 51. No. 4. P. 589-594.

Book chapter
The Study of Trajectories of the Development of State Capacity Using Ordinal-Invariant Pattern Clustering and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

Myachin A. L., Akhremenko A. S.

In bk.: Intelligent Methods in Computing, Communications and Control. Vol. 1243. Springer, 2021. P. 198-205.

Working paper
Matrix-vector approach to construct generalized centrality indices in networks

Aleskerov F. T., Yakuba V. I.

Математические методы анализа решений в экономике, бизнесе и политике. WP7. Высшая школа экономики, 2020. No. 2323.

Tag "social inequality" – News

HSE Seminar on Political Economy: Denis Ivanov (NRU HSE) about preferences for redistribution and social capital in Russia

Why are Russians inclined to be tolerant of the high level of social inequality? How does interpersonal trust influence their preferences for redistribution? HSE research fellow Denis Ivanov discussed this in «Bridging or Bonding? Preferences for Redistribution and Social Capital in Russia».