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109028, Moscow
Pokrovsky blvd. 11,
Room S-527
Phone: (495) 772-95-99 ext.27502, 27503, 27498

Department Head Svetlana B. Avdasheva
Deputy Department Head Ludmila S. Zasimova
Manager Maxim Shevelev
Book chapter
Opportunistic Behavior in Public Procurement

Yakovlev A. A., Tkachenko A., Rodionova Y.

In bk.: Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Springer, 2020. P. 1-5.

Working paper
Regional Convergence in Russia: Estimating a Neoclassical Growth Model

Lehmann H. F., Oshchepkov A. Y., Silvagni M. G.

Discussion Paper. IZA DP. IZA Institute of Labor Economics, 2020. No. 13039.

CInSt Research Seminar "Scientific Collaboration in Russian Universities before and after the Excellence Initiative Project 5-100": Natalia Matveeva (HSE University)

Event ended
Natalia Matveeva will present her research "Scientific Collaboration in Russian Universities before and after the Excellence Initiative Project 5-100" on CInSt research seminar on March 19th.
Speaker: Natalia Maveeva (HSE University)

The changes in collaboration patterns between Russian universities after the start of Russian university excellence initiative (5-100 Project) are studied in the paper. While this project aimed to improve global competitiveness of leading Russian universities and to improve their research productivity, it happened to increase they cooperation as well. We implement both analysis of affiliations and co-authorship network analysis to explore scientific collaborations between and within participating universities. Analysis of affiliations allows to investigate the rates of collaborations with other organizations, domestic and international cooperation, and also disciplinary differences. Through co-authorship networks analysis the position of universities in the academic network and the structure of collaborations between the participants were examined. We use the sample of 30 Russian universities, including participants of 5-100 project and a control group of institutions with similar characteristics. We found that after joining the project participating universities increased both cooperation with each other as well as with foreign universities and research institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, especially in high-quality segment. At the same time, the collaborations patterns of non-participating universities have not changed significantly. The centrality of '5-100' universities in the global academic network has increased along with their visibility and coupling in the national network. This reflects the fact that the historical division between university and academic sectors diminishes and that the participating universities started to play more important role in the knowledge production in the country.

Date: March 19th, 2019, 18:10-19:30.  
Location: K416, 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard, Moscow.
Working language: English.    
All welcome. If you don't have an HSE ID, please register before 2:00 PM on March 19th: cinst.hse.ru/register.