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Russian - Indian PhD Seminars

*recommended age
Event ended

Dear colleagues, 

We invite you to particcipate in our joint PhD seminars of HSE University and Indian Statistical Insitute (ISI) 

October, 28 we start at 4.00 pm Moscow time, October 29 we start at noon Moscow time. Academic supervisors: Professors Fuad Aleskerov and Arunava Sen.

October 28, 16:00 msk
Kriti Manocha, ISI
Choice by rejection

October 28, 17:00 msk
Sergey Demin, HSE University
Data envelopment analysis methods under interval estimates and their applications

October 29, 12:00 msk
Siddharth Chatterjee, ISI
Graded halfspaces with application to expected utility theory

October 29, 13:00 msk
Georgy Bronitsky, HSE University
Stochastic frontier analysis in case of truncated data

Events will be held in English
Seminars programs and papers abstracts 

Join us via Zoom:
Conference ID: 876 7398 2350
Pass code: 592555

Arunava Sen,
Indian Statistical Insitute

"We at the Indian Statistical Insitute are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate academically with the renowned Higher School of Economics. Our research interests match well and we hope to learn a great deal from the experience. The research workshop for PhD scholars will give our students a chance to communicate their research more widely. This is particularly important in this time of the pandemic but we look forward to continuing our joint activities well into the future.

Fuad T. Aleskerov,
Head of the International Center of Decision Choice and Analysis

"There are two reasons why we decided to begin this series of seminars. The first one is that our PhD students lost the necessary wide level of communication because of the pandemic restrictions. From my point of view, it is one of the most important parts of education on Ph.D programs. Another reason was that we need to communicate with very advanced institutions in our wide variety of problems studied in our International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis. Such an institution is the Indian Statistical Institute, certainly one of the best institutes in the world also covering a wide set of scientific fields.