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About ESCE

The Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCE) was created on November 1, 2019 as part of the Department of Statistics and Data Analysis in the HSE University Faculty of Economic Sciences (Order No. 6.18.1-01 / 3110-16 of 10.31.2019). The ESCE is headed by Professor Alexander Evgenievich Surinov, Doctor of Economics.
The establishment of the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence at HSE forms an institutional basis for research in the theory of economic statistics in Russia.

The mission of the ESCE is to conduct research in economic statistics and data analysis, which involves providing expertise for decisions on organization of statistical observations and applied methods and disseminating statistical knowledge in Russian society. The ESCE organizes and conducts fundamental and applied research, carries out experimental and pilot statistical measurements, expert analytical and consulting activities, and disseminates statistical methodolgies among users of statistical information.

The ESCE engages in and promotes the use of economic modelling, forecasting and analysis of the methodology of the System of National Accounts and the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting, satellite accounts, tables, balances and matrices giving detailed description of various aspects of the economic and social environment. The ESCE considers urgent challenges such as digitalization, globalization, non-monetary factors of economic growth and welfare, and global value added chains, etc.

The ESCE's strategic goals:

  • Positioning HSE University as a recognised research institution carrying out projects in the field of economic statistics and data analysis for the benefit of statistical and other government authorities, business, the academic community, and the general public;
  • Developing and verifying up-to-date instruments of economic measurement and data analysis in accordance with international recommendations, with respect to the best national practices and specific features of Russia;
  • Consolidating the efforts of scientists and instructors from various research units and educational departments of the University to develop a modern statistical methodology and make HSE a world-recognized centre for statistical research and development;
  • Providing high quality education for students, using the results of scientific research and experiments in the educational process, and involving undergraduate and postgraduate students in them.
Tasks carried out by the ESCE:
  • Organizing and conducting research, expertise, and consulting activities in the field of socio-economic measurements, statistics and data analysis;
  • Studying domestic and foreign experience, as well as recommendations of international organizations in the field of socio-economic measurements, statistics and data analysis;
  • Developing, implementing, disseminating, and promoting official statistical methodology;
  • Disseminating research in the field of socio-economic measurements, statistics and data analysis; holding seminars, conferences, and other events;
  • Promoting increased statistical literacy, the broad use of the statistical method and official statistics by individuals, government bodies, entrepreneurs, public organizations, mass media, expert and academic community;
  • Promoting the development and coordination of research in economic statistics in Russia by engaging faculty, researchers, undergraduates, and postgraduate students of HSE University, and employees of state statistics and other statistical authorities, scientific and educational institutions, and other organizations;
  • Incorporating the results of scientific research and experiments of the ESCE in the educational process at the HSE;
  • Furthering cooperation between HSE in the field of the ESCE's activities with international and foreign statistical organizations, foreign universities and research centres and participating in international projects.
The ESCE's main fields of research:
  • Scientific and methodological implementation of integrated economic statistics based on the SNA in the Russian statistical practice;
  • Scientific and methodological support for the implementation of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting 2012 (SEEA) in the Russian statistics;
  • Methodological and practical assistance in expanding the Russian SNA by means of compilation of satellite accounts;
  • Development of methods for constructing “social” macroeconomic tables based on the SNA concepts;
  • Considering the globalization process in the national accounts of Russia;
  • Improving indicators of the scale and dynamics of economic activity;
  • Providing scientific and methodological support for measuring the processes of digitalization of society and the economy;
  • Solving methodological and practical issues of macroeconomic statistics at the regional and subregional levels on a conceptual basis of the 2008 SNA;
  • Working to solve methodological and practical issues of measuring the purchasing power of a national currency;
  • Promoting the improvement of data collection methods on economic processes.


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