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Oleg Zamulin


Vladimir Avtonomov
Academic Supervisor


Tatiana Kossova
First Deputy Dean


Elena Osipova
Deputy Dean


Daniel Karabekyan
Deputy Dean for Research 


Ludmila Zasimova
Deputy Dean for International Cooperation


Elena Burmistrova
Deputy Dean for Student Affairs




119049, Moscow, 26 Shabolovka St.
Building 3
Room 3305
Phone: (495) 628-83-68

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Adjusting the Model to Adjust the World: Constructive Mechanisms in Postwar General Equilibrium Theory

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Does Banking System Transparency Enhance Bank Competition? Cross-Country Evidence

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Kenneth Arrow Dies at 95

Kenneth Joseph Arrow, who was an Honorary Professor of the Higher School of Economics and a Nobel Prize-winning economist, passed away on Tuesday, February 21st. He was 95.

Congratulations on dissertation defence (Candidate of Sciences in Economics) to Maria Agamirova, Lecturer at our department

Our congratulations also to Rustem Nureev, HSE Tenured Professor, academic supervisor of this dissertation, and Natalia Dzagurova, Associate Professor, its academic consultant.

Charity Drive at HSE during Good Deed Month

On March 11, 2017, HSE will host the ‘Heroes Among Us’ charity festival. The month leading up to it is Good Deed Month, organized by the Open Your Eyes student project. People are encouraged to use this month to do good. Check out the ideas below – having a big positive impact doesn’t always mean putting a lot of effort in.

'The Best Experience of My Life'

HSE is becoming more and more popular among foreign students. We talked to English speaking graduates of the English-taught Master’s programme System and Software Engineering and found out about their experience of studying in HSE, life in Moscow, and what do they do as professionals now.

Belgian Scholar Addresses Topics of Climate Change, Sustainability and Renewable Energy

This week, the HSE Department of Theoretical Economics (Faculty of Economic Sciences) hosted Professor Johan Eyckmans of the Faculty of Economics and Business at KU Leuven (Belgium) for a series of lectures focusing on environmental economics. An expert in a number of areas concerning the economics of climate change, alternative energy and other related subjects, Professor Eyckmans spoke with the HSE news service while he was in Moscow about his research interests and his vision for the future.

Application Period for the Fall 2017 at HSE-Moscow's Faculty of Economic Sciences Now Open

The Moscow-based Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Higher School of Economics, a highly selective educational institution specializing in economics and finance,  would like to invite undergraduate and Master's-level students to experience study abroad at one of Russia’s best universities.

Two HSE Faculties among Those Most Sought after by Russian Employers

HSE’s Faculty of Business and Management and Faculty of Economic Sciences were in the top three of the faculties most sought after by employers in Russia.

Number of Poor Decreasing Worldwide, but Inequality Still a Problem

Over the past quarter century, the number of people living in extreme poverty has declined three times worldwide. However, prosperity growth remains rather uneven in its overall distribution. On January 13, 2017, Ana Revenga, the World Bank's Deputy Chief Economist, presented a report on the problems of global poverty and inequality.

First place in Fujifilm Future Challenge

Albert Arutiunian, second-year HSE Master’s student, chose Tilburg University as a place to study abroad in autumn 2016. There, he joined the Tilburg University team, and here is his story.

‘Over the Last Two and a Half Years Five Russian Universities Have Joined the World’s Top-100 in Various Subjects’

HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov updated the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the implementation of the Academic Excellence Project 5–100. He also suggested extending the project until 2025 and setting the objective that at least one Russian university be included in every subject-specific ranking by 2025.
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