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Centre for Spatial Econometrics in Applied Macroeconomic Research

The aim of the research working group (RWG) is to form a university centre for spatial econometrics needed to study asymmetric regional effects of economic policy, macroeconomic shocks and long-term economic dynamics. The group promotes the active participation of undergraduate and postgraduate students in seminars, scientific research projects, and conferences. Group members will publish joint papers.


‘To Cooperate and Exchange Knowledge’: First Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation Workshop—Economic Performance from Regional Aspects

The HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences and the School of Economics at Shanghai University have co-organised the First Sino-Russian Workshop on ‘Economic Performance from Regional Aspects’. The researchers discussed how they detected and assessed the effects of different economic policies in Russia and China at a regional level.

Research Projects to be Presented at the First Sino-Russian Economics Cooperation Workshop

Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation Workshop "Economic Performance from Regional Aspects" organized by the HSE University Centre for Spatial Econometrics in Applied Macroeconomic Research and the Shanghai University School of Economics to be held on 5th November 2022 at 3 pm Shanghai time, 10 am Moscow time

ERSA winter school

Senior lecturer of the Department of Applied Economics and doctoral student Egor Kotov have participated in the 4th ERSA Winter School on applied quantitative methods in regional science hosted by the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. This school gathered 25 students from across the world.

FES Workshop for Junior Economists – 2021

Anastasia Blokhina successfully gave a presentation during workshop for research assistants of FES laboratories and research groups where leading scholars H. Lehmann M. Janssen, K. Sonin discussed the participants' papers.

CSEAMR academic seminar

Our research group «Centre for Spatial Econometrics in Applied Macroeconomic Research» held another academic seminar on November 17.

Ricardo Crespo  – Associate Professor, University of Santiago, Chile

Presentation topic:
«Planning from a future vision: inverse modeling in spatial planning»

A. Demyanenko participated in ERSA Congress

Artem Demyanenko successfully gave a presentation «The impact of public health spending on economic growth in Russia: a regional aspect» (co-authors O. Demidova, E. Kayasheva) at the 60th European Regional Science Association Congress.

CSEAMR participation in the SEA 2021 conference

Members of our research group successfully participated in XV World Conference of the Spatial Econometrics Association.

E. Semerikova participated in RSAI World Congress

Elena Semerikova successfully gave a presentation «A Spatial Quantile Regression Analysis of Housing Prices in German Regions» at the 13th World Congress of the RSAI «Smart regions - Opportunities for sustainable development in the digital era» and held one of the sessions as a chairperson.

E. Semerikova will give a series of Lab classes during SEAI

Elena Semerikova is participating in one of the best spatial econometrics school The Spatial Econometrics Advanced Institute (SEAI) as a lecturer, our congratulations!

Participation in the seminar at ISI

On the 5th of March Elena Kotyrlo and Hryhorii Kalachyhin made a presentation at the the research seminar of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI).

Presentation topic: "The effects of India’s BITs termination on FDI inflows" 

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