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109028, Moscow, Pokrovsky Boulevard 11, T423
Phone: +7 (495) 621 13 42,
+ 7(495) 772 95 90 *27200; *27212.
Email: dhm-econ@hse.ru; shatskaya@hse.ru

School Head Fuad T. Aleskerov
Manager Oksana Kolotvina
Svetlana Shatskaya
Senior Administrator Svetlana Shatskaya
An Approach to Estimating the Economic Expediency of Developing a New Cargo Transport Hub by a Regional Public Administration

Belenky A., Fedin G., Kornhauser A.

International Journal of Public Administration. 2021. Vol. 44. No. 13. P. 1076-1089.

Book chapter
A note on subspaces of fixed grades in Clifford algebras

Shirokov D.

In bk.: AIP Conference Proceedings. Vol. 2328: ICMM-2020. AIP Publishing LLC, 2021. Ch. 060001. P. 060001-1-060001-4.

Working paper
On compact 4th order finite-difference schemes for the wave equation

Zlotnik A., Kireeva O.

math. arXiv. Cornell University, 2020. No. arXiv:2011.14104v2[math.NA].

Participation in International Conferences


Sergey Demin. International Journal of Computers Communications & Control (Oradea). Presentation: Short-Term Covid-19 Incidence Prediction in Countries Using Clustering and Regression Analysis

 21st International Conference on Informatics in Economics (Bucharest). Presentation: Models for an Analysis of Companies’ Transactions in the Large Commercial Bank of Russia

 Alexander Lepskiy. International Conference on Belief Functions (Paris). Presentation: Cluster Decomposition of the Body of Evidence

 International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management (Beijing). Presentation: On Optimal Blurring of Point Expert Estimates and their Aggregation in the Framework of Evidence Theory

 Timofey Lomonosov. The 9th International Conference on Differential and Functional Differential Equations (Moscow). Presentation: “On algebraic approach in finding particular solutions of certain nonhomogeneous ODEs”

 All-Russian Scientific Conference «Theoretical grounds of constructing numerical algorithms and solving problems of mathematical physics» in memory of K.I. Babenko (Puschino). Presentation: «L2-dissipativity of linearized explicit difference scheme on staggered meshes for 1D equations of barotropic gas dynamics with regularization»

 Alexey L. Myachin.  9th International Conference on Computers Communications and Control (ICCCC) (Oradea). Presentation: Short-Term Covid-19 Incidence Prediction in Countries Using Clustering and Regression Analysis

 Computing Conference 2022 (SAI) (London). Presentation: Finding Structurally Similar Objects Based on Data Sorting Methods.


 XXX EUROPEAN WORKSHOP ON ECONOMIC THEORY (Warsaw). Presentation: What aggregation rules can be classified as logical concepts?

 Sergey Shvydun. ICCCC2022: 2022 9th International Conference on Computers Communications and Control (ICCCC) (Oradea). Presentation: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Air Transportation Network

 Dmitrii Shirokov.  Computer Graphics International 2022 (Geneva). Presentation: On Noncommutative Vieta Theorem in Geometric Algebras

 International Conference of Advanced Computational Applications of Geometric Algebra (Denver). Presentation: On some Lie groups in degenerate geometric algebras

 A. S. Fedchenko  All-Russian scientific conference "Theoretical foundations for the design of numerical algorithms and solving problems of mathematical physics", dedicated to the memory of K.I.  Babenko.  (Pushchino).  Presentation: "On the properties of an aggregated quasigasdynamic system of equations for a homogeneous gas mixture".

Alexander Zlotnik  All-Russian Scientific Conference "Theoretical fundamentals of designing numerical algorithms and solving problems of mathematical physics", Pushchino, 24.08.2022 - 26.08.2022. Report: On parabolic and hyperbolic 2nd order perturbations of a symmetric hyperbolic 1st order system

Andrey Subochev  23rd Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. Report:Stable tournament solutions as tools for optimal decision-making: Extensions of the bipartisan set to the case of incomplete preferences

 Nikolay Pravdivets The 10th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control (Nantes, France). Presentation: Simulation Approach for Day-Ahead Production Scheduling of a Power Plant

 The 10th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control (Nantes, France). Presentation: Comparison of mathematical programming models for optimization of transshipment point seaport - railway

 15-th Multiconference on Management Problems (МКПУ-2022) (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Presentation: Models in the problem of multimodal transportation in a transshipment point from sea to rail transport




INFORMS Annual Meeting(online , October 24-27, 2021)

Sergey Demin.Report: Everything has its own time: a time to hug and a time to stop hugging (Ecclesiastes 3)

Belief Functions: Theory and Applications, 6th International Conference, BELIEF 2021(online , October 15-19, 2021)
Alexander Lepskiy. Report: A measure of the conflict of trust functions with blurred focal elements on the real axis

International Conference ''Marchuk Scientific Readings 2021''(Novosibirsk, Russia , October 4-8, 2021)

Dmitrii Shirokov. Report: Hyperbolic SVD for obtaining solutions of SU(2) Yang-Mills equations

The 8th Conference on Applied Geometric Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering(Brno, Czech Republic, September 6-10, 2021)
Dmitrii Shirokov. Report: On Lie groups defining inner automorphisms that leave invariant fundamental subspaces of geometric algebra

Computer Graphics International 2021(Geneva, Switzerland, September 6-10, 2021)

Dmitrii Shirokov. Report: On explicit formulas for characteristic polynomial coefficients in geometric algebras

Fuad T. Aleskerov, Sergey Demin.   Report:  Influence of Potential Oil Spills on Arctic Fauna

Sergey Demin. Report: COVID-19 Quarantine Measures Efficiency Evaluation by Best Tube Interval Data Envelopment Analysis

International Conference “Mathematical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Infinite-Dimensional Analysis 2021”
(Dolgoprudny, Russia, June 30-July 9, 2021)


Dmitrii Shirokov. Report: On constant solutions of the Yang–Mills–Dirac equations

XXII April International Scientific Conference on the Development of the Economy and Society (Moscow, Russia, April 13-30, 2021)
Nikolay L. Polyakov. Report: One a class of non-local aggregation rules

KES International COVID-19 Challenge: Moving towards a more sustainable world - International Virtual Summit (online, March 29, 2021)
Sergey Demin.  Report: Three models of the analysis of the pandemic: a quarantine measures aggregation and a life-cycle model, a short-term COVID-19 incidence prediction in countries, and a quarantine measures efficiency assessment by Data Envelopment Analysis

Annual Interuniversity Scientific and Technical Conference of students, postgraduates and Young specialists named after E.V.Armensky (Moscow, Russia, March 10-17, 2021)
Anna Fedchenko. Report: Linearized quasi-hydrodynamic system of equations of a homogeneous gas mixture and its dissipativity

World Congress on Global Optimization (Gainesville, Florida - USA, Feb 22-25, 2015)