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Study Abroad with HSE

International students about their experience at HSE: 
Syeda Ulya Ehsen Kazmi, prep year student, future Economics: Research Program student about her prep year experience
Rife Kimler, University of Texas alum, about his Moscow experience
Madhavi Karunarathne, master student Strategic Corporate Finance, Open Door Winner
Pepe Alejandro Miguel Pepe Rechan, exchange student from LUISS University of Rome
Michelle Daniel, UTexas graduate student and summer intern at the Faculty of Economic Sciences
Yogender Singh and Samarth Singh, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, research interns at DECAn Lab  
Muddassar Malik, Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) candidate in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Turku, Finland
Kerlyns Martínez, a Ph.D. Student in Mathematics from the Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile

Edoardo Alberti, Master’s programme Strategic Corporate Finance, Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE University, Moscow,  Dual Degree program with Erasmus University
Araceli Gutierrez Ardaya, undegraduate programme Economics, Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE Moscow
Hisham Haydar, second year student of  Master’s in Economics: Research Programme
Johnson Chun Shing CHOW, undergraduate student University of Hong Kong, Russian language and internship
Daniel Gregorio Espinoza Garcia, master student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, HSE visiting student
Edoardo Alberti, first year master student, Strategic Corporate Finance program
Lijia Lin, first year master student, Strategic Corporate Finance program
Daniel Rusnak, UT Austin intern, now University of Oxford graduate student 
Rhiannon Jones, UT Austin intern, now UToronto PhD student
Kerri Matulis, UT Austin intern, now graduate school student
Erin O'Connor, University of Texas at Austin, summer intern
Arshak Minasyan, Undegraduate program in economics 2016 alum
Thu Minh Nguyen,Universita di Bologna, Italy, dual degree MSc student
Hector Cantu, University of Texas at Austin, visiting student
Neta Chervinsky, Goethe University, exchange BA student
Sara Sanseverinati, Bologna University, exchange MSc student
Andrei Vernon Dickinson College alumni, MSc student HSE
UT interns on their internship at HSE
Nile Miller, University of Texas at Austin, intern
Kerri Matulis, University of Texas at Austin, intern
Katherine Alberti, University of Texas at Austin, intern 
The purpose of HSE’s Faculty of Economic Sciences’ International Office is to prepare students of the Faculty for work and study in a modern, professional environment in close cooperation with our international partner universities and to provide students with opportunities for intercultural communication. Our office is adamant about providing support to HSE students who wish to study abroad as well as to foreign students, faculty, staff, and interns interested in getting involved with the Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE’s oldest and largest faculty.
The Faculty is recognized as one of Russia’s leading centers of higher economic training. It offers a large variety of degree and non-degree programs in both English and Russian. Studying at HSE is a unique opportunity for international students to spend time in Moscow, one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world and the economic epicenter of the former Soviet region. International students of the Faculty have the opportunity to study and live alongside students from all corners of the world, allowing them to create a lifelong global network that will prove essential for their future careers. Every year, an increasing number of international students come to HSE from more than 50 countries.

We believe that it is imperative that students of economics have an international outlook that allows them to analyze local issues through the lens of today’s heavily globalized economy. To this end, the Faculty of Economic Sciences has an extensive network of incoming and outgoing connections with some of the world’s leading universities.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences is constantly interested in attracting the best and brightest students and faculty from abroad and in developing new partnerships with foreign universities. For any questions related to the Faculty’s international activities, free movers, visiting and non-degree students enrollment, please feel free to contact Oxana Budjko, head of the Faculty’s International Office at obudjko@hse.ru.
Additional contacts:
Ludmila Zasimova, Vice-Dean of International Affairs for the Faculty:  lzasimova@hse.ru 

                                                                                                               Photo credit: Kara Bollinger