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The Immediate Goals of HSE’s Faculty of Economic Sciences’ International Office are:

Making it easier for international students to study at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE’s oldest and largest facultyImplementing international job market standards relating to both new and continuing faculty members

How we provide support:


We place an emphasis on making the Faculty of Economic Sciences and HSE’s programs as a whole known to a broad audience of international students and professorsWe coordinate job market seminars for a wide community of HSE faculty members and students

Logistic, travel and administrative support

We provide international students with paperwork and funding opportunities for their study at HSE. We provide support to internationally-hired faculty members in all their administrative tasks.


We advise international students on visa procedures, travel and everyday issues they may face while studying at HSEWe help faculty members gather the necessary job application documents and explain how to become legally employed in Russia


We put local and international students together for intercultural communicationWe arrange meetings with the faculty and research fellows at HSE

Subscribe to our events ads: https://www.hse.ru/en/news/announcements/subscribe/144545621/
International Office Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/intereconHSE/

Scholarships for German language courses in Bavaria 2020

Illustration for news: Projects, Machine Learning, and Online Lectures

Projects, Machine Learning, and Online Lectures

On February 11, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Sergey Pekarski, held a meeting with students on the changes in teaching of economic sciences at HSE. HSE Life tells you how the faculty will switch to a project-based approach and what disciplines will appear in the near future.

Illustration for news: ICE 2.0: Photo Report

ICE 2.0: Photo Report

On the evening of February 7, HSE students, faculty, staff, and alumni took part in the ice skating party, organized by HSE student mentors.

Illustration for news: Series of workshops on Strategic Consulting

Series of workshops on Strategic Consulting

On February 17, PwC Strategy & Operations launches series of workshops called “What will happen after the industry? Consulting for the post-industrial economy.” Discover how consultants shape the digital economy and become part of our team!

Illustration for news: Sports at HSE University on Pokrovka

Sports at HSE University on Pokrovka

Recreation for HSE students and staff