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Please use email a primary contact with the International Office staff

The Immediate Goals of HSE’s Faculty of Economic Sciences’ International Office are:

Making it easier for international students to study at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE’s oldest and largest facultyImplementing international job market standards relating to both new and continuing faculty members

How we provide support:


We place an emphasis on making the Faculty of Economic Sciences and HSE’s programs as a whole known to a broad audience of international students and professorsWe coordinate job market seminars for a wide community of HSE faculty members and students

Logistic, travel and administrative support

We provide international students with paperwork and funding opportunities for their study at HSE. We provide support to internationally-hired faculty members in all their administrative tasks.


We advise international students on visa procedures, travel and everyday issues they may face while studying at HSEWe help faculty members gather the necessary job application documents and explain how to become legally employed in Russia


We put local and international students together for intercultural communicationWe arrange meetings with the faculty and research fellows at HSE

Subscribe to our events ads: https://www.hse.ru/en/news/announcements/subscribe/144545621/
International Office Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/intereconHSE/

Illustration for news: The Research Ambassador of the University of Bremen

The Research Ambassador of the University of Bremen

Andrei Yakovlev, the director of IIMS and ICSID, is accepted as a Research Ambassador at the University of Bremen (Germany). He was appointed by the Rectorate of the University at the suggestion of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics. Professor Yakovlev will represent the University in Russia and Eastern Europe and act as a liaison between any prospective students and researchers and the University of Bremen.

Illustration for news: Pre-Defense of PhD Dissertation of Zaruhi Hakobyan

Pre-Defense of PhD Dissertation of Zaruhi Hakobyan

Pre-defense of PhD dissertation of Zaruhi Hakobyan was held at the Department of Theoretical Economics on May 18, 2020

Illustration for news: HSE International Student Admissions to Continue as Usual for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

HSE International Student Admissions to Continue as Usual for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

In the event of unfavorable conditions or border closures due to the pandemic, HSE University will be organizing online learning with mandatory support from professors for newly enrolled international students. To do this, the University has all the required infrastructure.

Illustration for news: Master Programs in Economics

Master Programs in Economics

Daria Matvienko, second year international student of the Economics: Research program and University of Luxembourg dual degree program, hold online meeting with the faculty of economic sciences master programs applicants and undergraduate students

Illustration for news: FES and ICEF joint webinar

FES and ICEF joint webinar

On may 14, at 14: 00, the next joint webinar between FEN and ICEF was held, in which Alessia Paccanini from University College in Dublin spoke with the topic of the report: "The Asymmetric Effects of Uncertain Shocks (joint with Valentina Colombo)."