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Academic Star Wars: Excellence Initiatives in Global Perspective
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Yudkevich Maria, Altbach P. G., Salmi J.

Cambridge: MIT Press, 2023.

Book chapter
The Living Standards in the USSR During the Interwar Period
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Voskoboynikov I.

In bk.: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance. Oxford University Press, 2024.

Working paper
Living Standards in the USSR during the Interwar Period

Voskoboynikov I.

Economics/EC. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2023. No. 264.

Lecture "Economic policy towards multisided digital platforms: international context" - Prof. Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - DATE CHANGED

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Event ended

Lecture "Economic policy towards multisided digital platforms: international context"

HSE, 22.06.2022, 11:10am


Location: Moscow, Pokrovsky blvd. 11, R-406

The lecture will also be recorded online:https://events.webinar.ru/20721376/11178935


Faculty of Economic Sciences invites academics, researchers and PhD students (including PhD program applicants) to participate the lecture "Economic policy towards multisided digital platforms: international context" to be held by Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro, professor of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The fastest growing business in the past years have been digital companies in services and retail, including banking. Most of them organize themselves as multi-sided platforms (MSP), changing the way firms compete and position themselves in a market. They take advantage of internet communications and modern information processing power. The businesses of Google, eBay, Uber, Booking.com, Amazon and credit cards are just a few examples. These multi-sided (often two-sided) platforms provide an opportunity for users of both sides to interact and solve informational problems that hinder transactions. Cross-side network effects are the basis for the MSP business model. Scope economies push MSP to operate in different lines of products and creating so called economic eco-systems. Due to the network and scale effects, MSP rise in size and power and generate many concerns for national regulators.

While the economics of MSP is being developed with the new business models as they expand, the ability of national authorities to implement the knowledge to real economic policy varies. The lecture will present the recent international debate on economic policy towards multisided digital platforms with the focus on the main competition issues regarding the platforms and associated eco-systems. Three applications are highlighted: the dual role of platforms as marketplace and seller of goods and services, the role of exclusive dealings (multihoming and single homing) between platforms and business and the transformations in the advertising market from the expansion of digital platforms, marketplaces and social media. International examples and the experience of BRICS countries are reviewed and discussed, including policy and regulatory changes and actual competition policy practice. High-profile antitrust cases against Google, Online Travel Agencies, Amazon, Napster food delivery are to be discussed among others.


Prof. Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).https://sites.google.com/view/eduardopontualribeiro

Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro is a Professor of Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and co-Coordinator of the Research Group on Competition, Law and Economics (GDEC-IE / www.gdec-ie.com). He served as a Deputy Chief Economist, Chief Economist and then a Commissioner at the CADE Tribunal (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), The Brazilian Competition Authority from 2009 to 2014. The areas of expertise are Competition Policy, Applied Microeconometrics, and Labor Markets. Author of more than 50 papers in refereed journals, more than 30 book chapters.

Recent papers on competition policy towards multi-sided platforms include:

Pontual Ribeiro E., Golovanova S., Pires-Alves C., Puccioni de Oliveira Lyra M. (2022) Competition Policy Response to Digital Based Business Expansion in Brazil. CPI Antitrust Chronicle. 2022. Vol. January. P. 38-43.

Golovanova, S., & Pontual Ribeiro, E. (2021). Multisided Platform Analysis and Competition Law Enforcement Practice in Brics Countries. Journal of Competition Law & Economics, forthcoming.

Pontual Ribeiro, E., & Golovanova, S. (2020). A Unified Presentation of Competition Analysis in Two‐Sided Markets. Journal of Economic Surveys, 34(3), 548-571.