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109028, Moscow,
Pokrovsky Boulevard 11, Rooms: S1029, S1030
Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90*27172, 27173, 27174

Department Administration
Department Head Alexander Tarasov

PhD, Penn State University

Deputy Head Svetlana Seregina
Department Manager Disa Malbakhova
Senior Administrator Zulikhan Ibragimbeili
Senior Administrator Natalia Baibouzenko
Administrator Marina Yudina
Between capitalism and socialism: Tugan-Baranovsky on cooperatives

Melnik D. V., Boianovsky M.

Cambridge Journal of Economics. 2024. Vol. 48. No. 4. P. 589-616.

Book chapter
The Lack of Public Health Spending and Economic Growth in Russia: A Regional Aspect

Olga Demidova, Elena Kayasheva, Artem Demyanenko.

In bk.: Eurasian Business and Economics Perspectives: Proceedings of the 38th Eurasia Business and Economics Society Conference. Vol. 25. Springer Publishing Company, 2023. Ch. 13. P. 209-232.

Working paper
Pricing, Market Power, and Friction in a Finite Market: The Role of Capacities

Шавшин Р. К., Sandomirskaia M.

Economics. EC. Высшая школа экономики, 2024. No. 267.

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‘Education Is the Formation of Horizons and Economic Thinking’

Sergey Pekarski, Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences
What are the modern trends in economic education and how are they incorporated in HSE programmes? Why do economists need machine learning and artificial intelligence? Is it necessary to attend lectures and how can students get the most out of their bachelor's programme? How radical are the changes in economic laws that have occurred in recent years? These questions and many other topics were discussed by Sergey Pekarski, Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences (FES), and interns of the Laboratory for Economic Journalism.