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Undergraduate Research Theses, sample topics

During the last term of study at the Faculty of Economic sciences all students, including undergraduates are required to write and present their research thesis. This, along with certain number of credits and courses is a graduation requirement. Here at this page we list examples of undergaduate students' theses that illustrates the diversity of research opportunities at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. 
Why Some Nations Prosper While Others Don't?
Volunteering Is A Magic Pill In The Labor Market... Or Is It?
Gun Free Zones - A Life Saver Or A Trap?
Why students cheat?
More topics and abstracts

Starting from 2013, abstracts of all student research thesis are published if they receive grade 7 or higher. You can familiarize yourself with the undergraduate research papers' full texts, if the authours gave HSE concent for publication.

Best students papers

Research Seminars

Research Labs and Centers at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

Faculty of Economic Sciences presentation with research labs and centers 

Alumni in top Ph.D. programs

How to get a good letter of recommendation

The best letter writers are those that know you well and can provide an evaluation of your ability to perform and succeed at the graduate level.  Graduate and professional school admissions people tell us the following make the best letter writers:
Someone who knows you well
Someone with the title of "Professor"
Someone who is a professor at the school granting your baccalaureate degree
Someone who has earned the degree which you are seeking in your graduate work
Someone with an advanced degree who has supervised you in a job or internship aligned with the graduate program you are pursuing (e.g., Public Health, Social Work, Business Administration, etc.)
Someone who has academically evaluated you in an upper-division class

Graduate School - Letters of Recommendation  

Guide from Berkely grad school to students

Why Undergraduates Should Do Research?

Establish yourself in the science community by having your name on publications
Make connections with faculty and staff
Develop valuable skills that will help you succeed in your classes and throughout life
Apply all of the complicated techniques and concepts you learn in class
Learn new things that you can not learn in class
Get a well rounded resume! From Allison Fisher blog, PSU

Our Alumni website

Research Center DecAn invites students and interns


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