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109028, MoscowPokrovsky Boulevard 11
 Room Т-614
Phone: (495) 628-83-68

Academic Supervisor Vladimir S. Avtonomov
Deputy Dean for Academic Work Elena Pokatovich
Deputy Dean for Research Daniel Karabekyan
Deputy Dean for International Affairs Ludmila S. Zasimova
Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Studies Elena Burmistrova
The Ex-Dividend-Day Behavior of Stock Prices and Volume: The Case of Pharmaceutical Dividend Aristocrats
In press

Teplova T., Munir Q., Капичникова М. А.

Singapore Economic Review. 2019.

Book chapter
Memo to the Commissioner Responsible for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy

Dabrowski M., Zachmann G.

In bk.: Braver, greener, fairer: Memos to the EU leadership 2019-2024. Bruegel, 2019. Ch. 16. P. 254-264.

Working paper
Technological change, energy, environment and economic growth in Japan

Besstremyannaya G., Dasher R., Golovan S.

USAEE Working Paper. USAEE Working Paper. United States Association for Energy Economics, 2019. No. 18-377.

Faculty of Economic Sciences International Research Seminar

Seminars in 2019-2020 academic year

OrganisersEren Arbatlidarbatli@hse.ru

Madina Karamyshevamkaramysheva@hse.ru
AddressPokrovsky Boulevard 11, room T510 Moscow Higher School of Economics

16.09.2018 Kemal Yildiz (Bilkent University, Turkey)Choice through a unified lens: The prudential model (with Serhat Dogan)
 20.09.2019 Kalina Manova (University College London, UK) Productivity, (Mis)allocation and Trade
 23.09.2019 Assaf Razin (Tel Aviv University) Trade and financial globalization: winners. No losers
 30.09.2019 Gary Charness ( University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)How Do People Choose Between Biased Information Sources? Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment
 14.10.2019 Armin Falk (Bonn University) Global Evidence on Economic Preferences
21.10.2019Morten Ravn (UCL, UK)TBC
28.10.2019Salvatore Piccolo (University of Bergamo, Italy)TBC
21.11.2019Marzena Rostek (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)TBC
09.12.2019Dennis Novy (University of Warwick, UK)TBC

Seminars in 2018-2019 academic year

OrganisersLevent Celik lcelik@hse.ru

Alexander Tarasov atarasov@hse.ru
AddressShabolovka St, 26-3, room 3211 Moscow Higher School of Economics


17.09.2018Assaf Razin (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Financial Globalization and the Welfare State

01.10.2018Vladimir Karamychev (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)

  Need to Know? On Information Systems in Firms

29.10.2018Ola Kvaloy (Stavanger University, Norway)   Relative Performance Feedback to Teams
14.11.2018Sara Lowes (Bocconi University, Italy)  The Legacy of Colonial Medicine in Central Africa
The seminar is cancelled
Ameet Morjaria (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, US)


26.11.2018Jerome Adda (Bocconi University, Italy)Love, Ethnicity or Legal Status?  Natural Experiments in Marriage Markets
10.12.2018Robertas Zubrickas (University of Bath, UK)Donation-Based Crowdfunding with Refund Bonuses” (joint with Timothy Cason)
20.12.2018Benjamin Golub (Harvard University, US)Social Learning in a Dynamic Environment
21.12.2018Annie Liang (University of Pennsylvania, US)Complementary Information and Learning Traps
31.01.2019Galina Hale (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, USA)Shock Transmission through Cross-Border Bank Lending: Credit and Real Effects
The seminar is cancelled 
Mark Koyama (George Mason University, US)TBC

Marco Pagnozzi (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market Structure" (with Salvatore Piccolo and Markus Reisinger)

Daniel Garrett (Toulouse School of Economics, France)

Relational Contracts: Public versus Private Savings (with Francesc Dilme, U of Bonn)

22.04.2019Elena Carletti (Bocconi University, Italy)

The Price of Law: The Case of the Eurozone Collective Action Clauses 

27.05.2019Quoc-Anh Do (Institute of Political Studies, France)Friendship Networks and Political Opinions: A NaturalExperiment among Future French Politicians
The seminar is cancelled
Evi Pappa (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) 
03.06.2019Aleh Tsyvinski (Yale University, USA)Asset Pricing for Cryptocurrencies
05.06.2019Ronald Harstad (University of Missouri, USA)Efficiency Measurement via Revealed Thresholds, Without Knowing Valuations
10.06.2019Halis Yildiz (Ryerson University, Canada)

Tariff Bindings and the Dynamic Formation of Preferential Trade Agreements (PDF, 2.34 Mb) 

Seminars in 2017-2018 academic year

11.09.2017Patricia Funk (University Of Lugano, Switzerland)Policy Choices in Assembly versus Representative Democracy: Evidence from Swiss Communes
18.09.2017Carlo Favero (Bocconi University, Italy)

 Joint with ICEF

Is it the "How" or the "When" that Matters in Fiscal Adjustments?

25.09.2017Arthur Lewbel (Boston College, USA)Identification of Random Resource Shares in Collective Households Without Preference Similarity Restrictions
02.10.2017Ian Marsh (City University London, UK)Fast Aggressive Trading (joint with Torben Latza and Richard Payne)
16.10.2017Carles Boix (Princeton University, USA)A Theory of State Formation and the Origins of Inequality
30.10.2017Galina Zudenkova (The University Of Mannheim, Germany)Incumbents' Performance and Political Polarization

13.11.2017Arthur Fishman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)  Collective Brands
Stephen Hansen (University of Oxford, UK) CEO Behavior and Firm Performance
04.12.2017Pierre M. Picard (University of Luxembourg) Vertical Differentiation in International Trade
16.01.2018Leandro Prados de la Escosura (University of Carlos III de Madrid)
 Well-being Inequality in the Long Run: An International View
26.03.2018Nikita Roketskiy (University College London, UK) Dynamic Demand and Sequential Monopoly: A Model of Endogenous Screening (joint with V.  Bhaskar)
09.04.2018Philipp Schmidt-Dengler (University of Vienna
, Austria)  Information and Price Dispersion: Theory and Evidence
18.04.2018Dean Yang (University of Michigan, USA) Abundance from Abroad: Migrant Earnings and Economic Development in the Philippines
25.04.2018Helios Herrera (The University of Warwick, UK)  Populism: Demand and Supply
14.05.2018Konrad Mierendorff (University College London, UK)  Auctions with Limited Commitment
29.05.2018Laura Alfaro (Harvard University, USA)
  The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation and Productivity: Regional Heterogeneity, Asymmetries and Hysteresis

Seminars in 2016-2017 academic year 



Sascha Becker
University of Warwick
Does Migration Cause Political Extremism? (joint with Thiemo Fetzer)
 26.09.2016Vladimir Smirnov
University of Sydney
Collusion with Intertemporal Price Dispersion (joint with Nicolas de Roos).
 03.10.2016Dmitriy Sergeyev
Bocconi University

Government Spending Multipliers under the Zero Lower Bound: Evidence from Japan (joint with Wataru Miyamoto and Thuy Lan Nguyen)

 10.10.2016Erik Hornung
University of Bayreuth
Industrialization, Demand for Human Capital, and the Decline in Coercive Labor Institutions in Nineteenth-Century Prussia (joint with Quamrul Ashraf, Francesco Cinnirella, Oded Galor, and Boris Gershman)
 24.10.2016Nagore Iriberri
University of the Basque Country

Competitive Pressure Widens the Gender Gap in Performance: Evidence from a Two-Stage Competition in Mathematics 

(joint with Pedro Rey-Biel)


 21.11.2016Dalia Marin
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Do Multinationals Transplant their Business Model? (joint with Linda Rousova and Thierry Verdier)
 28.11.2016Kristian Behrens
HSE; University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM)
 Are clusters resilient? Evidence from Canadian textile industries (joint with Brahim Boualam and Julien Martin)
 12.12.2016Jacques Thisse
HSE; Université catholique de Louvain
Amenities and the Social Structure of Cities: Theory and Evidence from the Netherlands (joint with Carl Gaigné, Hans R.A. Koster and Fabien Moizeau)
 19.12.2016Paola Giuliano
UCLA Anderson School of Management 
Understanding cultural persistence and change (joint with Nathan Nunn)

23.01.2017Regis Renault
Université de Cergy-Pontoise
  Direct response advertising and passive search
06.03.2017İsa E. Hafalır, Carnegie Mellon University College Admissions with Entrance Exams: Centralized versus Decentralized
13.03.2017Harald Fadinger
University of Mannheim
 All Together Now: Integration, Delegation and Management
10.04.2017Hubert Kempf
Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan
Public communication policies in an international economy: What should policymakers reveal?
17.04.2017Omer Moav
University of Warwick
 Cereals, Appropriability and Hierarchy

Philippe Gagnepain,Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Knowledge spillovers in cost-reducing incentives Luis Aguiar and Philippe Gagnepain


Anton Kolotilin, UNSW Business School

When to Drop a Bombshell