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International Admission 2021

Starting from 1 November international students can apply online to study at HSE University and Faculty of Economic Sciences

International Admission 2021

Photo by Sasha Yudaev on Unsplash

Moscow-based Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Higher School of Economics invites highly motivated international students who excel in mathematics to apply for bachelor's and master's studies in economics, statistics, and finance. Soon-to-be graduates who expect graduation by summer 2021 and are interested in studying economics or finance should apply online with the current transcript to the faculty of economic sciences at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) located in Moscow, Russia.


We invite students to consider undergraduate study at HSE in Moscow — this is one of the most selective programs in Russia, with endless study abroad locations, research labs and graduate school preparation — all this at a very affordable cost. Faculty of Economic Sciences has a lot of programs for those who can study in Russian and a few in English. International students pay the same tuition fees as Russian students and are provided with safe dormitory accommodation in Moscow, which makes study at HSE very affordable.  

For those students whose Russian is not enough for academic purposes, HSE offers a preparatory year in the Russian language that will enable students to study in the Russian language. Here are some answers to the question of why they may be willing to do so. Online registration is open at this page https://admissions.hse.ru/en/undergraduate-apply 


Graduate study at HSE in Moscow provides students with dual degree opportunities, career development, and employment opportunities. Fellowships are available. Affordable and safe dormitories for the full scholarship students. Others get assistance with accommodation rent in Moscow.  

Currently, four master’s programs are taught entirely in English:
- Economics and Economic Policy
- Strategic Corporate Finance 
- ICEF's Financial Economics, taught in cooperation with the University of London (London School of Economics and Political Science), and  
Master of Business Analytics - an online program

To study in these programs students do not need the Russian language. They need to have strong quantitative skills, solid mathematics background, be interested in finance and economics, and be willing to study in Moscow. Students who choose to study their second year in such universities as Erasmus, Lancaster School of Management, Sorbonne, Humboldt, and the University of Luxembourg are entitled to dual degrees upon successful completion of graduation requirements. Some students decide to spend a semester or year abroad, and HSE has hundreds of destinations that students choose from.

Online registration is open at this page https://www.hse.ru/admissions/graduate-apply

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For a potential applicant who can study in Russian, the Faculty of Economic Sciences provides plenty of programs, fellowships, and financial support. They also can have a one-year, or one-semester preparatory training if they think their Russian language is not enough for academic purposes.

HSE University offers various online courses at Coursera in English as a great way to get an idea of what teaching at HSE can be like.
Mathematics for Economists by Kirill Bukin

Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the Brain Makes Decisions by Vasily Klucharev
Introduction to Galois Theory by Ekaterina Amerik
Jacobi modular forms: 30 ans après by  Valery A. Gritsenko
Public Economics by Leonid I. Polischuk
Economics of Transition and Emerging Markets by  Marek Dabrowski

If you would like to request any further information on the programs, how to prepare to prosper at HSE, and how to make college an investment rather than a burden on the family budget please feel free to contact Oxana Budjko, Head of the Faculty of Economic Sciences International Office.