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Advances in Decision Making Theory and Applications, Summer Course and Project

Summer University at HSE invites students, Ph.D. candidates, post-docs, and professionals from around the world to try unique opportunities to enhance their knowledge in area studies and beyond. Offering a broad interdisciplinary selection of courses, the Summer University is open to all students and will be of particular interest to those who study International Relations, History, Political Science, and other social sciences and humanities.

Advances in Decision Making Theory and Applications, Summer Course and Project

Photo credit Nikita Shirokov unsplash

Advances in Decision Making Theory and Applications

Faculty of Economic Sciences invites qualified applicants interested in Decision Theory to apply and participate in Summer University at National Research University Higher School of Economics and do a follow-up research project. 
Advances in Decision Making Theory and Applications
4 ECTS credits, 32 academic hours, HSE Moscow
Dates: June, 21 - July, 09

About the course

Course Synopsis: We make decisions every day and every hour: which summer school to choose, which pullover to buy, where to go on vacation. The course presents the core concepts of rational and efficient individual and social decisions, including political decisions.
Topics to be covered include:

  • Decision making: why, when, and under which circumstances?
  • Aggregation models
  • Applied models
  • Political decision making
  • Voting manipulation
  • Organizational power distribution 

Follow up Project: Students who pass the course can proceed with their work with the lecturer and his colleagues on different projects. Such projects will use some models presented in the lectures with application to the data related to the students' countries. For example, one of the models discussed in the lectures is power distribution in the parliaments of countries. The project might then be an evaluation of power distribution in a specific parliament of a student's country in a specific period. Another example can be an evaluation of central elements in the network of trade operations in a country. Such projects can be published afterward in some scientific journals.


Fuad T. Aleskerov

Professor Fuad T. Aleskerov, Director of International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis, Head  of the Department of Mathematics  

Alexey L. Myachin

Senior Research Fellow at International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis, Department of Mathematics  

About the Summer University

No matter why you are interested in Russia–whether it’s Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Mussorgsky’s operas, current political affairs, or the Russian language – if you are considering studying abroad during the summer of 2021, the Higher School of Economics in Moscow offers study programs that fit almost any interest: the Summer University with an optional Russian as a foreign language class, or the Intensive Russian Language Program. Studying just a few blocks away from Red Square, with endless coffee shops and eateries, nice weather, affordable entertainment, and travel in a well-connected city that is at once ancient and modern, global and historical, expansive and safe will make your summer at HSE Moscow an unforgettable experience. Application deadline April 18, 2021. Apply online 

Tuition fee: US$ 200 for 1 ECTS. Generous discounts for organized groups. Summer University Alumni and participants from HSE Univesity partner institutions are offered a 20% discount. 

More courses and details at the Summer University website

Virtual Internship at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National Research University Higher School of Economics invites students to spend the summer in Moscow studying and doing unpaid internships in one of the most modern Russian Universities Higher School of Economics. 

The application deadline is 15 May 2021.  The prospective applicants can choose to do only an internship, only Summer University, or both. We offer internships from May 1 to August 20, from four weeks to 90 days' stay in Russia (only virtual option is available in summer 2021). We can accommodate different types of people with various backgrounds and academic and professional interests. We would like to find motivated interns who are ready to work to accomplish certain tasks while changing the environment around them. We need people with excellent work ethic, who are creative and hard-working, and who can inspire people around them with their innovative attitude and performance, bringing high service standards to the Russian environment.

The qualities that we are looking for are:

  • ability to write and edit in English
  • interpersonal skills, including patience, motivation, clarity of reasoning, and excellent English communication skills
  • strong personal self-control and abiĺity to handle the fast pace of life in Moscow
  • a genuine interest in helping others

The most successful candidate will possess outstanding writing and communication skills in English. 
The internship does not exceed 20 hours a week. No fee is associated with the internship. Since 2014 International office of the Faculty of Economic Sciences hosted 22 interns, most of them were US nationals, but also Canadian, Chinese, and Mexican citizens participated. Please feel free to email Oxana Budjko, the Head of the international office at obudjko@hse.ru 

HSE Summer University Video by HKUST Study Abroad