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Laboratory of Sports Studies

Dec 9 2021 – Jan 31 2022
Postdoctoral Fellowship Recruitment 2022/2023

Application Deadline - January 31, 2022 

Sneakerheads as fans and sneaker fandom as participatory culture

Kulinicheva E.

Transformative Works and Cultures. 2021. No. 36.

Book chapter
Fantasy football meets machine learning: the dynamic game case and a note on strategy

Stolyarov A., Vasiliev G.

In bk.: 12th International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport. Book of Abstracts. M.: Государственное казенное учреждение города Москвы "Центр спортивных инновационных технологий и подготовки сборных команд" Департамента физической культуры и спорта города Москвы, 2019. P. 128-129.

Working paper
The Iron Curtain and Referee Bias in International Football

Dagaev D., Paklina S., Reade J. et al.

Department of Economics Discussion Paper. . University of Reading, 2021. No. 2021-14.

About Laboratory

Laboratory of Sport Studies (LSS) is engaged in theoretical research and data analysis in the sports industry. The main research areas of the laboratory include:

  • search for optimal strategies for the behavior of players and teams during the match;
  • economic and financial regulation of the transfer market;
  • predicting matches and competitions outcomes;
  • optimal competitions calendar drafts;
  • tournament rules design;

and other.

LSS accepts applications for the position of the international postdoctoral fellow

The deadline for applications for a postdoc position is January 31.

Ekaterina Kulinicheva spoke about the research of Olympic fashion at the International Forum for Olympic Education in Beijing

Ekaterina Kulinicheva's paper about sneakerheads is published in Transformative Work and Cultures

Congratulations to Ekaterina on her new publication!

Illustration for news: 5th Eastern Conference on Football Economics / 7th Western Conference on Football and Finance

5th Eastern Conference on Football Economics / 7th Western Conference on Football and Finance

On July 2, a conference on economics and finance of football was held under the auspices of HSE. The plenary reports were delivered by professors Alex Krumer, Bernd Frick, Helmut Dietl, and Celso Ribeiro.

LSS at the Non/fiction 2021

Ekaterina Kulinicheva, an LSS junior researcher, took part in the presentation of Sergey Medvedev's new novel "The Man Running", published by the New Literary Review publishing house. The event was held on March 28.

Dmitry Dagaev became the coordinator of the European working group on operations research in sports

The European working group EURO OR in Sports promotes activities related to the operations research in sports.

Laboratory of Sport Studies invites new research assistants

Laboratory of Sport Studies is recruiting up to 3 research assistants as part of the additional recruitment of undergraduate and postgraduate students to scientific departments under the HSE Basic Research Program.

Illustration for news: Section ‘Sports Studies’: Shaping Up

Section ‘Sports Studies’: Shaping Up

Dmitry Dagaev tells about the evolution of the 'Sports Studies' section.

Illustration for news: LSS reviewing Research Seminar

LSS reviewing Research Seminar

On December 15, at 18:00-21:00, the traditional New Year's seminar of LSS will be held, where the laboratory staff will talk about the results of their research projects of 2020. Everyone is welcomed!

Illustration for news: Anastasia Nebolsina delivered a lecture “What does sports economics study?”

Anastasia Nebolsina delivered a lecture “What does sports economics study?”

As a Laboratory of Sport Studies research assistant, Anastasia Nebolsina delivered an online lecture as part of a series of webinars on modern economics, statistics, and finance.