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International Admission

Visiting students and free movers:

The Moscow-based Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Higher School of Economics, a highly selective educational institution specializing in economics and finance,  would like to invite undergraduate and Master's-level students to experience study abroad at one of Russia’s best universities. Students from abroad can take classes in English from other HSE programs as well as study Russian as a Foreign language. 

The International Office at the Faculty of Economic Sciences is willing to work to satisfy any necessary requirements to make this possible. For more information, please review the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences International webpage 

More about US students’ experience at the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences can be found at 
Moscow is a hidden gem 

Additional useful links: 
Faculty brochure
A short video about a day of international students at HSE 

Related Fees: 
Tuition fee (Spring 2020 semester)   US$ 3,000 
Application fee - waived 
Dormitory, meals, city transportation, and entertainment (monthly, approximate cost) US$ 400 
Application deadline: 15 April, 15 October
Please send inquiries and applications to the Faculty’s International office (attn.: Oxana Budjko at obudjko@hse.ru)

Degree programs:

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs
Doctoral Programs

Non-Degree Programs:

Preparatory Year
Summer University
Semester in Moscow
Exchange Programs
Russian Language Training