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Oleg Zamulin


Vladimir Avtonomov
Academic Supervisor


Tatiana Kossova
First Deputy Dean


Elena Osipova
Deputy Dean


Daniel Karabekyan
Deputy Dean for Research 


Ludmila Zasimova
Deputy Dean for International Cooperation


Elena Burmistrova
Deputy Dean for Student Affairs




119049, Moscow, 26 Shabolovka St.
Building 3
Room 3305
Phone: (495) 628-83-68

Book chapter
Coopetition in the Arctic: Theory and Experiments

Korgin N., Østbye S.

In bk.: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation. NUAA Discussion Papers in Economics and Management 2018. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics , 2018. P. 356-359.

Working paper
Inbreds And Non-Inbreds Among Russian Academics: Short-Term Similarity And Long-Term Differences In Productivity

Alipova O., Литвинова Л. И., Lovakov A. et al.

Basic research program. WP BRP. National research university Higher School of economics, 2018. No. 48EDU2018.


The Faculty is recognized as one of Russia’s leading centers of higher economic training. It offers a large variety of degree and non-degree programs in both English and Russian. Studying at HSE is a unique opportunity for international students to spend time in Moscow, one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world and the economic epicenter of the former Soviet region. International students of the Faculty have the opportunity to study and live alongside students from all corners of the world, allowing them to create a lifelong global network that will prove essential for their future careers. Every year, an increasing number of international students come to HSE from more than 50 countries.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences offers three undergraduate programs and seven graduate programs.


Graduate programs
In addition, the Faculty is a partner institution of the International College of Economics and Finance, which was established in 1997 in cooperation with the London School of Economics towards BSc and MSc degrees, which also offers a wide range of courses and programs in English for international students. For more details please see ICEF website: www.icef.hse.ru.


We believe that it is imperative that students of economics have an international outlook that allows them to analyze local issues through the lens of today’s heavily globalized economy. To this end, the Faculty of Economic Sciences has an extensive network of incoming and outgoing connections with some of the world’s leading universities.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences is constantly interested in attracting the best and brightest students and faculty from abroad and in developing new partnerships with foreign universities. For any questions related to the Faculty’s international activities, free movers, visiting and non-degree students enrollment, please feel free to contact Oxana Budjko, head of the Faculty’s International Office at obudjko@hse.ru

International students talk about their study at HSE: 

Thu Minh Nguyen,Universita di Bologna, Italy, exchange MSc student
Hector Cantu, University of Texas at Austin 
Neta Chervinsky, Goethe Univerisity, exchange BA student
Sara Sanseverinati, Bologna University, exchange MSc student
Andrei Vernon Dickinson College alumni, MSc student HSE
Nile Miller, University of Texas at Austin, intern
Kerri Matulis, University of Texas at Austin, intern
Katherine Alberti, University of Texas at Austin, intern  

Faculty alumni study abroad at Ph.D. programs: 

Timur Abbyasov (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015) - Columbia University
Anastasia Arabadzhyan (MSc in Economics’2015) – University of Bologna
Irina Bakalova (BSc'2012, MSc in Economics'2014) - KU Leuven
Edward Bahitov  (BSc Program in Economics'2013, Master Program Financial markets and financial institutions'2015) -   University of Pennsylvania
Anna Belonog (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015)  - Princeton University
Alexander Belyakov (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015) - Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania
Dmitry Chebotarev  ( BSc Program in Economics'2012,  Master program in Risk Management and Insurance'2014) -   INSEAD (France), PhD in Finance
Mikhail Drugov (BSc Program in Economics'1999, Master program in Economics'2001) - University of Toulouse
Anastasia Faiikina (BSc Program in Economics'2016) - University of California, San Diego
Renata Gaineddenova  (BSc in Economics'2013) - University of Wisconsin – Madison
Konstantin Golyaev (BSc in Economics'2004) - University of Minnesota'2011
Andrei Zubanov (BSc in Economics’2015) - University of Wisconsin – Madison
Ilya Eryzhenskiy (MSc in Economics’2015) - European Doctorate in Economics - Erasmus Mundus (EDEEM), joint program of the universities Paris-1 and Bielefeld
Nikita Kakurin (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015) - Duke University
Kristina Komissarova  (BSc Program in Economics'2013) -    NYU
Ivan Korolev  (BSc in Economics'2010)  - Stanford University
Andrei Kostyrka  (MSc in Economics’2015)  – University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, program DHERS
Nadezhda Kotova  (HSE and NES Joint program in economics'2016)  -   Stanford Graduate School of Business
Ilya Kozis (HSE and NES Joint program in economics'2016) -   Duke University
Egor Kozlov (BSc in Economics'2013) -  Northwestern University
Ivan Lavrov (BSc Program in Economics'2014) -     University of California, Los Angeles
Alexander Levkun (BSc Program in Economics'2016) -   University of California, San Diego
Nikita Lipsky ( Master Program in economics Research Program' 2016 ) -   Pennsylvania State University
Andrey Malenko (BSc in Economics'2005,  MSc in Economics'2007) - Stanford Graduate School of Business
Alexey Makarin (BSc in Economics'2012) -  Northwestern University
Egor Malkov (MSc in Economics'2014) - University of Minnesota
Petr Martynov (HSE and NES Joint program in economics'2016) -   University of California, Berkeley
Nikita Melnikov (HSE and NES Joint program in economics'2016) -   Princeton University 
Ilya Morozov (BSc in Economics'2013) - Stanford GSB Marketing
Oleg Muratov (BSc in Econmics'2012) - Pennsylvania State University
Irina Osipova  (HSE and NES Joint program in economics'2015) -    Rochester University
Anna Petronevich (BSc in Economics’2010, MSc in Economics’2012) – European Doctorate in Economics – Erasmus Mundus (EDEEM), joint program of the universities Paris 1 and University Ca’Foscari, Venice
Irina Pimenova ( BSc in Economics'2010, MSc in Economics'2012 ) - University of Pennsylvania
Konstantin Platonov  (BSc'2011 and MSc'2013 in Economics)  - University of California Los Angeles
Kirill Ponomarev (BSc Program in Economics'2016) -   University of California, Los Angeles
Alexander Proshin  ( Master Program in economics Research Program' 2016) -    Paris School of Economics, Paris 1
Vasily Rusanov (BSc Program in Economics'2013) -  NYU
Palina Sauchanka (BSc in Economics'2013) - Lund University
Arseny Samsonov (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015)  - UCLA Political science
Vyacheslav Savitskiy (BSc in Economics'2013)  - Brown University
Dmitry Sedov (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015)  - Northwestern University
Vladimir Smirnyagin (BSc in Economics'2012) - University of Minnesota
Dmitry Sorokin (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015)  - New York University
Alexey  Suzdaltsev (BSc in Economics'2009) -  Stanfor d Graduate School of Business
Anna Trubnikova  (BSc Program in Economics'2012)  -   University of Wisconsin at Madison
Maria Voronina  (Joint HSE-NES BA program'2015)  – Harvard University
Mikhail Zavarzin ( HSE and NES Joint program in economics'2016)  -   Pennsylvania State University
Yulia Zhestkova (HSE and NES Joint program in economics'2016) -   University of Chicago 


Additional links:

Faculty brochure
Study at HSE booklet
HSE presentation on youtube
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HSE Fact Sheet
HSE International Student Handbook
HSE International Student Office
Partner universities
Faculty alumni Ph.D. placement 



Ludmila Zasimova, Vice-Dean of International Affairs for the Faculty:  lzasimova@hse.ru
Oxana P. Budjko
, Head of International Office, Faculty of Economic Sciences: obudjko@hse.ru 
Daria Nikolyuk, Manager, Faculty of Economic Sciences: dnikolyuk@hse.ru