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Centre for the History and Methodology of Economic Science

Our Centre brings together people professionally engaged in studies of the history and methodology of economics. Intellectual history moves in a peculiar way. The factors that affect approaches to understanding and solving economic challenges and problems are extremely diverse. Some of them may have a decisive influence on changes in economic thought and economic policy, while others may not. The vested interests here can be inextricably intertwined with pragmatic considerations by policymakers and the inertia of long-established theories and beliefs.

The issues long discussed in this field are as important today as they were decades ago. To name just a few:

  • Does science reflect reality, and if so, in which way?
  • Should we blame economics for failures in economic policy?
  • What is the revolution in economics?
  • Which are the peculiarities of economics compared to other social disciplines?

If you are also interested in such questions, we look forward to addressing them together.


HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences Co-Authors Intercontinental Monograph

The monograph Russian and Western Economic Thought has been published under the editorship of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences and the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany). Written by a selection of respected experts, the monograph examines the interrelations and mutual influence of Russian and Western economic thinking. The book is edited by Prof. Vladimir Avtonomov, HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences, and Prof. Harald Hagemann, the University of Hohenheim.

Preprint by M. Bakeev

The work "The Link between the Academic Background and the Rhetoric of Monetary Policymakers: an Epistemic Aspect" was published in preprint series WP11 edited by CeHistMet.

Online course "Monetary Theory and Policy: Recent History and Contemporary Issues"

In November 2021, the Centre for the History and Methodology of Economic Science, together with the Department of Theoretical Economics, held a course of lectures on monetary policy.

CeHistMet researcher received a prestigious international award

Elizaveta Burina was awarded the Warren J. and Sylvia J. Samuels Young Scholars award.

Online course 'History of Economic Theory and Policy of the 20th century'

In November 2020, the Center for the History and Methodology of Economic Science, together with the Department of Theoretical Economics, held a series of talks by four visiting lecturers (from Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal).

Online session with Jan Toporowski and Harald Hagemann (May 27, 2020)


The first meeting of the Centre for the History and Methodology of Economic Science

The main vectors of Centre's development were identified at the meeting.

Presentation of the new issue of the almanac "Istoki"

The professor’s club on Pokrovka hosted the presentation of the 9th edition of the almanac under the heading "Economics - the Dismal Science?"

CeHistMet researchers took part in the scientific conference of the New Economic Association

Researchers presented their papers on the topic "Economic Science: Forgotten and Rejected Theories."

CeHistMet researchers presented a paper at the interdisciplinary seminar at Leontief Center

The paper "Reforms of pension systems in post-communist countries: mechanisms for the spread of the" new pension orthodoxy" was presented at the seminar.

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