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Oleg Zamulin


Vladimir Avtonomov
Academic Supervisor


Tatiana Kossova
First Deputy Dean


Elena Osipova
Deputy Dean


Daniel Karabekyan
Deputy Dean for Research 


Ludmila Zasimova
Deputy Dean for International Cooperation


Elena Burmistrova
Deputy Dean for Student Affairs




119049, Moscow, 26 Shabolovka St.
Building 3
Room 3305
Phone: (495) 628-83-68

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Adjusting the Model to Adjust the World: Constructive Mechanisms in Postwar General Equilibrium Theory

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Working paper
Does Banking System Transparency Enhance Bank Competition? Cross-Country Evidence

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FES International Research Seminar

We are happy to announce that the Faculty of Economic Sciences is launching a new international seminar series starting from the 2016-2017 academic year. The series will host many established as well as young promising economists from various respectable universities worldwide. The main goals are to increase international visibility and expand opportunities for networking, as well as strengthen our research environment and community. Levent Celik and Alexander Tarasov will be the official organizers. The full seminar schedule for Fall 2016 can be accessed via https://economics.hse.ru/en/seminars