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109028, Moscow
11 Pokrovsky Boulevard,
Room Т-614
Phone: (495) 628-83-68

email: fes@hse.ru 

First Deputy Dean Sergey Merzlyakov
Deputy Dean for Academic Work Elena Pokatovich
Deputy Dean for Research Dmitry A. Veselov
Deputy Dean for International Affairs Liudmila S. Zasimova
Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Studies Elena Burmistrova
The Iron Curtain and Referee Bias in International Football
In press

Dagaev D., Paklina S., Reade J. et al.

Journal of Sports Economics. 2023.

Book chapter
About Some Clustering Algorithms in Evidence Theory

Lepskiy A.

In bk.: Data Analysis and Optimization. In Honor of Boris Mirkin's 80th Birthday. Springer, 2023. Ch. 12. P. 179-190.

Dean's Address to Students

Dear students of the Faculty of Economic Sciences,
Congratulations on the start of the new academic year!

The year will different in many aspects. At this time I urge you to take care not only of your health, but also of the health (and life) of those around you: wear masks, as prescribed by the HSE University rules!

I will not repeat the well-known arguments about why this is important. Unfortunately, observations of recent days show that many of you do not wear masks on campus. In this regard, I am forced to note the following:

Faculty have the right not to start or stop the lesson until everyone has mask on or leave the classroom. This takes time and reduces the quality of education for all. If you violate the rules, the university staff has the right to require you to leave the classroom and draw up an act of violation.This violation, as well as violation of other university rules and norms of academic ethics, will result in disciplinary action. The third penalty (not necessarily of the same type) entails expulsion. 

I am sure  most of you do not need intimidation at all. On the contrary, I really hope that conscious students will have a comradely effect on the unconscious.

Yours sincerely,
Sergey Pekarsky