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Публикации в ведущих научных изданиях в 2015 году

В этом разделе приводится список публикаций сотрудников и студентов ФЭН и ассоциированных с ним подразделений, включая МИЭФ, в журналах, индексируемых в международных базах цитирования Scopus (SJR) или Web of Science не ниже второго квартиля. 

Экономика и финансы (2015)

Перейти к публикациям по прикладной математике и статистике
Alexeev M., Chernyavskiy A.
Taxation of natural resources and economic growth in Russia's regions
Economic Systems
Sokolova A.
Fiscal limits and monetary policy: Default vs. inflation
Economic Modelling
Parakhonyak A., Sobolev A.
Non-Reservation Price Equilibrium and Search without Priors
Economic Journal
Belenky A.S.
Finding an optimal strategy of incorporating renewable sources of energy and electricity storing systems in a regional electrical grid
Energy Systems
Nye J.V.C., Orel E.
The influence of prenatal hormones on occupational choice: 2D: 4D evidence from Moscow
Personality and Individual Differences
Anderson S.P., Celik L.
Product line design
Journal of Economic Theory
Dobrynskaya V.
Currency exposure to downside risk: Which fundamentals matter?
Review of International Economics
Demidova O., Marelli E., Signorelli M.
Youth labour market performances in the Russian and Italian regions
Economic Systems
Chau H.N., Tankov P.
Market models with optimal arbitrage
SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics
Avdasheva S., Tsytsulina D.
The effects of M&As in highly concentrated domestic vis-à-vis export markets: By the example of Russian metal industries
Research in International Business and Finance
Bremzen A., Khokhlova E., Suvorov A., van de Ven J.
Bad news: An experimental study on the informational effects of rewards
Review of Economics and Statistics
Seitz M., Tarasov A., Zakharenko R.
Trade costs, conflicts, and defense spending
Journal of International Economics
Natkhov T.
Colonization and development: The long-term effect of Russian settlement in the North Caucasus, 1890s-2000s
Journal of Comparative Economics
Peiris M.U., Tsomocos D.P.
International monetary equilibrium with default
Journal of Mathematical Economics
Teplova T., Mikova E.
New evidence on determinants of price momentum in the Japanese stock market
Research in International Business and Finance
Mammen E., Martínez Miranda M.D., Nielsen J.P.
In-sample forecasting applied to reserving and mesothelioma mortality
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
Karpov A.
Alliance incentives under the D'Hondt method
Mathematical Social Sciences
Peiris M.U., Vardoulakis A.P.
Collateral and the efficiency of monetary policy
Economic Theory
Corazzini L., Cotton C., Valbonesi P.
Donor coordination in project funding: Evidence from a threshold public goods experiment
Journal of Public Economics
Poldin O., Valeeva D., Yudkevich M.
Choice of specialization: do peers matter?
Applied Economics
Ostrovnaya M., Podkolzina E.
Antitrust enforcement in public procurement: The case of Russia
Journal of Competition Law and Economics
Belenky A.S.
A game-theoretic approach to optimizing the scale of incorporating renewable sources of energy and electricity storing systems in a regional electrical grid
Energy Systems
Afanasyev D.O., Fedorova E.A., Popov V.U.
Fine structure of the price-demand relationship in the electricity market: Multi-scale correlation analysis
Energy Economics
Belomestny D., Joshi M., Schoenmakers J.
Addendum to: Multilevel dual approach for pricing American style derivatives
Finance and Stochastics
Maskin E.S.
Friedrich von Hayek and mechanism design
Review of Austrian Economics
Shiryaev A.N., Zhitlukhin M.V., Ziemba W.T.
Land and stock bubbles, crashes and exit strategies in Japan circa 1990 and in 2013
Quantitative Finance
Celik L., Karabay B., McLaren J.
When is it optimal to delegate: The theory of fast-track authority
American Economic Journal: MicroeconomicsAmerican Economic Journal: Microeconomics
Fengler M.R., Mammen E., Vogt M.
Specification and structural break tests for additive models with applications to realized variance data
Journal of Econometrics
Maskin E.
Why haven't global markets reduced inequality in emerging economies?
World Bank Economic Review
Yakovlev A., Tkachenko A., Demidova O., Balaeva O.
The Impacts of Different Regulatory Regimes on the Effectiveness of Public Procurement
International Journal of Public Administration
Janssen M., Shelegia S.
Consumer search and double marginalization
American Economic Review
Altbach P.G., Yudkevich M., Rumbley L.E.
Academic inbreeding: local challenge, global problem
Asia Pacific Education Review
Fridman A.
Water pricing reform analysis: alternative scenarios
Journal of Economic Policy Reform
Polishchuk L., Syunyaev G.
Ruling elites’ rotation and asset ownership: implications for property rights
Public Choice
Grigorieva S., Petrunina T.
The performance of mergers and acquisitions in emerging capital markets: new angle
Journal of Management Control
Nye J.V.C., Vasilyeva O.
When does local political competition lead to more public goods?: Evidence from Russian regions
Journal of Comparative Economics
Acemoglu D., Egorov G., Sonin K.
Political economy in a changing world
Journal of Political Economy
Guriev S., Vakulenko E.
Breaking out of poverty traps: Internal migration and interregional convergence in Russia
Journal of Comparative Economics
Boulatov A., Bernhardt D.
Robustness of equilibrium in the Kyle model of informed speculation
Annals of Finance
Asaturov K., Teplova T., Hartwell C.A.
Volatility Spillovers and contagion in emerging Europe
Journal of Applied Economic Sciences
Teplova T.V., Sokolova T.V.
Bond liquidity indicators: Can new thomson reuters indices explain difference in bond returns?
Journal of Applied Economic Sciences
Avdasheva S., Kryuchkova P.
The 'reactive' model of antitrust enforcement: When private interests dictate enforcement actions - The Russian case
International Review of Law and Economics
Moretti L., Valbonesi P.
Firms' qualifications and subcontracting in public procurement: An empirical investigation
Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization
Biró P., Kiselgof S.
College admissions with stable score-limits
Central European Journal of Operations Research
Hepenstrick C., Tarasov A.
Per capita income and the extensive margin of bilateral trade
Canadian Journal of Economics
Romanov P.Iarskaia-Smirnova E.
‘Foreign agents’ in the field of social policy research: The demise of civil liberties and academic freedom in contemporary Russia
Journal of European Social Policy
Dranev Y.Chulok A.
Assessing interactions of technologies and markets for technology road mapping
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Mammen E., Rothe C., Schienle M.
Econometric Theory
Salamon L.M., Benevolenski V.B.Jakobson L.I.
Penetrating the Dual Realities of Government–Nonprofit Relations in Russia
Lovakov A.V.Agadullina E.R.Osin E.N.
A hierarchical (multicomponent) model of in-group identification: examining in Russian samples
Spanish journal of psychology

Прикладная математика и статистика (2015)

Перейти к публикациям по экономике и финансам
Gafarov E.R., Dolgui A., Lazarev A.A.
Two-station single-track railway scheduling problem with trains of equal speed
Computers and Industrial Engineering
Zlotnik A., Zlotnik I.
The high order method with discrete TBCs for solving the Cauchy problem for the 1D Schrödinger equation
Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics
Zlotnik A., Romanova A.
On a Numerov-Crank-Nicolson-Strang scheme with discrete transparent boundary conditions for the Schrödinger equation on a semi-infinite strip the paper is dedicated to Prof. V.S. Ryabenkii on the occasion of his 90th birthday
Applied Numerical Mathematics
Khoroshkin A., Piontkovski D.
On generating series of finitely presented operads
Journal of Algebra
Ducomet B., Zlotnik A., Romanova A.
On a splitting higher-order scheme with discrete transparent boundary conditions for the Schrödinger equation in a semi-infinite parallelepiped
Applied Mathematics and Computation
Zlotnik A., Ducomet B., Zlotnik I., Romanova A.
Splitting in potential finite-difference schemes with discrete transparent boundary conditions for the time-dependent Schrödinger equation
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
Bronevich A., Rozenberg I.
The choice of generalized Dempster-Shafer rules for aggregating belief functions
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
Victor K., Serguei P.
Robust model selection for a semimartingale continuous time regression from discrete data
Stochastic Processes and their Applications
Belomestny D., Schoenmakers J.
Statistical Skorohod embedding problem: Optimality and asymptotic normality
Statistics and Probability Letters
Zlotnik A.
The numerov-crank-nicolson scheme on a non-uniform mesh for the time-dependent schrödinger equation on the half-axis
Kinetic and Related Models
Delarue F., Menozzi S., Nualart E.
The landau equation for maxwellian molecules and the brownian motion on SO<inf>N</inf>(R)
Electronic Journal of Probability
Belomestny D., Panov V.
Statistical inference for generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes
Electronic Journal of Statistics
Galtchouk L.I., Pergamenshchikov S.M.
Efficient pointwise estimation based on discrete data in ergodic nonparametric diffusions
Bronevich A.G., Lepskiy A.E.
Imprecision indices: Axiomatic, properties and applications
International Journal of General Systems
Kutoyants Y.A.
On ADF goodness-of-fit tests for perturbed dynamical systems
Gertsik V., Kelbert M., Krichevets A.
Earthquake forecasting: Statistics and information
Annals of Geophysics
Ignatov D.I., Gnatyshak D.V., Kuznetsov S.O., Mirkin B.G.
Triadic Formal Concept Analysis and triclustering: searching for optimal patterns
Machine Learning
Mironov V.V., Petronevich A.V.
Discovering the signs of Dutch disease in Russia
Resources Policy
Nascimento S., Casca S., Mirkin B.
A seed expanding cluster algorithm for deriving upwelling areas on sea surface temperature images
Computers and Geosciences
Zlotnik A., Romanova A.
On a Numerov-Crank-Nicolson-Strang scheme with discrete transparent boundary conditions for the Schrödinger equation on a semi-infinite strip the paper is dedicated to Prof. V.S. Ryabenkii on the occasion of his 90th birthday
Applied Numerical Mathematics
Beasley L.B., Guterman A.E., Shitov Y.
The arctic rank of a Boolean matrix
Journal of Algebra
Kovaleva E.V., Mirkin B.G.
Bisecting K-Means and 1D Projection Divisive Clustering: A Unified Framework and Experimental Comparison
Journal of Classification
Chen J.P., Molchanov S., Teplyaev A.
Spectral dimension and Bohr's formula for Schrödinger operators on unbounded fractal spaces
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical