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Покровский бульвар, дом 11, каб. Т-614
(проезд: м. Тургеневская/Чистые пруды, Китай-город, Курская/Чкаловская)
тел: (495) 628-83-68

почта: fes@hse.ru 

Первый заместитель декана Мерзляков Сергей Анатольевич
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Публикации в ведущих научных изданиях в 2018 году

В этом разделе приводится список публикаций сотрудников и студентов ФЭН и ассоциированных с ним подразделений, включая  МИЭФ, в ведущих международных журналах. 

Экономика и финансы (2018 год)

Перейти к публикациям по прикладной математике и статистике 

Acemoglu D., Egorov G., Sonin K.
Social mobility and stability of democracy: Reevaluating de Tocqueville
Quarterly Journal of Economics

Brown M., De Haas R., Sokolov V.
Regional Inflation, Banking Integration and Dollarization
Review of Finance

Dementiev A.
Contracting out public transport services to vertical partnerships

Research in Transportation Economics

Marin D., Schymik J., Tarasov A.
Trade in tasks and the organization of firms
European Economic Review

Enikolopov R., Petrova M., Sonin K.
Social media and corruption
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Sorokin C., Zakharov A.
Vote-motivated candidates
Journal of Economic Theory

Obydenkova A.V., Arpino B.
Corruption and Trust in the European Union and National Institutions: Changes over the Great Recession across European States
Journal of Common Market Studies

Kuzmina O., Kuznetsova O.
Operational and financial hedging: Evidence from export and import behavior
Journal of Corporate Finance

Goodhart C.A.E., Peiris M.U., Tsomocos D.P.
Debt, recovery rates and the Greek dilemma
Journal of Financial Stability

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Financially-constrained lawyers: An economic theory of legal disputes
Games and Economic Behavior

Avdasheva S., Golovanova S., Katsoulacos Y.
The Impact of Performance Measurement on the Selection of Enforcement Targets by Competition Authorities: The Russian Experience in an International Context
Public Performance and Management Review

McMahon M., Peiris M.U., Polemarchakis H.
Perils of unconventional monetary policy
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

 l’Haridon O., Vieider F.M., Aycinena D.,  Bandur A. ,   Belianin A ., Cingl L., Kothiyal A.,  Martinsson P.
 Off the Charts: Massive Unexplained Heterogeneity in a Global Study of Ambiguity Attitudes
 Review of Economics and Statistics

Libman A., Dolgopyatova T.Yakovlev A.
Board Empowerment: What Motivates Board Members of Founder-Owned Companies?
Journal of Management Inquiry

Danilenko T., Demidova O., Signorelli M.
Unemployment Clubs in Russian Regions
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

Lisin E., Shuvalova D., Volkova I., Strielkowski W.
Sustainable development of regional power systems and the consumption of electric energy

Avdasheva S., Golovanova S., Yusupova G.
Advance freight rate announcements (GRI) in liner shipping: European and Russian regulatory settlements compared
Maritime Economics and Logistics

Fedosova A., Volkova I.
Client orientation of central power generation companies
International Journal of Energy Sector Management

Detkova P., Podkolzina E., Tkachenko A.
Corruption, Centralization and Competition: Evidence from Russian Public Procurement
International Journal of Public Administration

Smirnov A.D.
Stochastic Logistic Model of the Global Financial Leverage
B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics

Shishkin S., Zasimova L.
Adopting new medical technologies in Russian hospitals: what causes inefficiency? (qualitative study)
Health Economics, Policy and Law


Прикладная математика и статистика (2018)

Subochev A., Aleskerov F., Pislyakov V.
Ranking journals using social choice theory methods: A novel approach in bibliometrics
Journal of Informetrics

Chetverushkin B.N., 

Zlotnik A.A.
On a hyperbolic perturbation of a parabolic initial–boundary value problem
Applied Mathematics Letters

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A “converse” stability condition is necessary for a compact higher order scheme on non-uniform meshes for the time-dependent Schrödinger equation
Applied Mathematics Letters

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Perils of unconventional monetary policy
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

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Qualitative Judgement of Research Impact: Domain Taxonomy as a Fundamental Framework for Judgement of the Quality of Research
Journal of Classification

Hernández C., Junca M., Moreno-Franco H.

A time of ruin constrained optimal dividend problem for spectrally one-sided Lévy processes
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

Belomestny D., Panov V

Semiparametric estimation in the normal variance-mean mixture model

Palamarchuk E.S.

Optimization of the Superstable Linear Stochastic System Applied to the Model with Extremely Impatient Agents
Automation and Remote Control

Zinder Y., Lazarev A.A., Musatova E.G., Tarasov I.A.

Scheduling the Two-Way Traffic on a Single-Track Railway with a Siding
Automation and Remote Control

Palamarchuk E.S.

An Analytic Study of the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Process with Time-Varying Coefficients in the Modeling of Anomalous Diffusions
Automation and Remote Control

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Formalizing a Sequential Calibration Scheme for a Strapdown Inertial Navigation System
Automation and Remote Control

Vexler B., Zlotnik A., Trautmann P.

On a finite element method for measure-valued optimal control problems governed by the 1D generalized wave equation [Sur une méthode d'éléments finis pour résoudre des problèmes de contrôle optimal régis par l'équation d'onde unidimensionnelle généralisée]
Comptes Rendus Mathematique

Bossy M., Jabir J.-F.

Particle approximation for Lagrangian Stochastic models with specular boundary condition
Electronic Communications in Probability