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Обычная версия сайта

декан — Замулин Олег Александрович


научный руководитель — Автономов Владимир Сергеевич


первый заместитель декана — Коссова Татьяна Владимировна


заместитель декана — Осипова Елена Ивановна


заместитель декана по научной работе — Карабекян Даниел Самвелович


заместитель декана по международным связям — Засимова Людмила Сергеевна


заместитель декана по работе со студентами — Бурмистрова Елена Борисовна


Наш адрес:

119049, Москва,
улица Шаболовка, дом 26, корп. 3 каб. 3305
(проезд: м. Шаболовская)
тел: (495) 628-83-68

Публикации в ведущих научных изданиях в 2017 году

Экономика и финансы (2017 год)

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Podinovskaya O.V., Podinovski V.V.
Criteria importance theory for multicriterial decision making problems with a hierarchical structure
European Journal of Operational Research
Kravtsova M., Oshchepkov A., Welzel C.
Values and Corruption: Do Postmaterialists Justify Bribery?
European Journal of Operational Research
Nye J.V.C., Bryukhanov M., Kochergina E., Orel E., Polyachenko S., Yudkevich M.
The effects of prenatal testosterone on wages: Evidence from Russia
Economics and Human Biology
Golikova V., Kuznetsov B.
Perception of risks associated with economic sanctions: the case of Russian manufacturing
Post-Soviet Affairs
Stepanov S., Suvorov A.
Agency problem and ownership structure: Outside blockholder as a signal
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Kazun A., Yakovlev A.
Who demands collective action in an imperfect institutional environment? A case study of the profession of advocates in Russia
Journal of Eurasian Studies
Andrievskaya I., Semenova M.
Does biological endowment matter for demand for financial services? Evidence from 2D:4D ratio in the Russian household survey
Personality and Individual Differences

Pekarski S.
Tight money and the sustainability of public debt

International Journal of Central Banking

Prakhov I. 
The prevalence and efficiency of investment in pre-entry coaching in Russia 
Tertiary Education and Management
Belkina T., Luo S. 
Asymptotic Investment Behaviors under a Jump-Diffusion Risk Process 
North American Actuarial Journal
Bichler M., Gretschko V., Janssen M. 
Bargaining in spectrum auctions: A review of the German auction in 2015 
Telecommunications Policy
Asymptotic estimate for the counting problems corresponding to the dynamical system on some decorated graphs 
Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems

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Obydenkova A.V., Salahodjaev R. 
Government size, intelligence and life satisfaction