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почта: fes@hse.ru 

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Публикации в ведущих научных изданиях в 2016 году

В этом разделе приводится список публикаций сотрудников и студентов ФЭН и ассоциированных с ним подразделений, включая МИЭФ, в журналах, индексируемых в международных базах цитирования Scopus (SJR) или Web of Science не ниже второго квартиля. 

Экономика и финансы (2016)

Перейти к публикациям по прикладной математике и статистике 

Korhonen I., Peresetsky A.
What Influences Stock Market Behavior in Russia and Other Emerging Countries?
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade
Veselova Y.
The difference between manipulability indices in the IC and IANC models
Social Choice and Welfare
Djankov S., Nikolova E., Zilinsky J.
The happiness gap in Eastern Europe
Journal of Comparative Economics
Abankina I., Aleskerov F., Belousova V., Gokhberg L., Kiselgof S., Petrushchenko V., Shvydun S., Zinkovsky K.
From equality to diversity: Classifying Russian universities in a performance oriented system
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Celik L.
Competitive provision of tune-ins under common private information
International Journal of Industrial Organization
Teplova T.V., Rodina V.A.
Does stock exchange consolidation improve market liquidity? A study of stock exchange acquisition in Russia
Research in International Business and Finance
Obydenkova A., Salahodjaev R.
Intelligence, democracy, and international environmental commitment
Environmental Research
Andrievskaya I., Semenova M.
Does banking system transparency enhance bank competition? Cross-country evidence
Journal of Financial Stability
Kossova T., Sheluntcova M.
"Evaluating performance of public sector projects in Russia: The choice of a social discount rate"
International Journal of Project Management
Kabanov Y., Pergamenshchikov S.
In the insurance business risky investments are dangerous: the case of negative risk sums
Finance and Stochastics
Zakharenko R.
Nothing else matters: Evolution of preference for social prestige
Mathematical Social Sciences
Lankina T.V., Libman A., Obydenkova A.
Appropriation and Subversion: Precommunist Literacy, Communist Party Saturation, and Postcommunist Democratic Outcomes
World Politics
Avdasheva S., Golovanova S., Korneeva D.
Distorting effects of competition authority’s performance measurement: the case of Russia
International Journal of Public Sector Management
Afanasyev D.O., Fedorova E.A.
The long-term trends on the electricity markets: Comparison of empirical mode and wavelet decompositions
Energy Economics
Fedorova E.A., Korkmazova B.K., Muratov M.A.
Spillover effects of the Russian economy: Regional specificity
Economy of Region
Obydenkova A., Nazarov Z., Salahodjaev R.
The process of deforestation in weak democracies and the role of Intelligence
Environmental Research
Zakharenko R.
The time dimension of parking economics
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
Gehlbach S., Sonin K., Svolik M.W.
Formal Models of Nondemocratic Politics
Annual Review of Political Science
Krishna K., Tarasov A.
Affirmative action: One size does not fit all
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
Zasimova L.
The use of medical care and out-of-pocket payments in Russia
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health
De Vallière D., Kabanov Y., Lépinette E.
Consumption-investment problem with transaction costs for Lévy-driven price processes
Finance and Stochastics
Aköz K.K., Arbatli C.E.
Information Manipulation in Election Campaigns
Economics and Politics
Zakharov A.V.
The loyalty-competence trade-off in dictatorships and outside options for subordinates
Journal of Politics
Zakharenko R.
Self-driving cars will change cities
Regional Science and Urban Economics
Kabanov Y., Kardaras C., Song S.
No arbitrage of the first kind and local martingale numéraires
Finance and Stochastics
Fedotenkov I.
Ignorance is bliss: Should a pension reform be announced?
Economics Letters
Janssen M., Karamychev V.
Spiteful bidding and gaming in combinatorial clock auctions
Games and Economic Behavior
Belenky A.S., Bolkunov D.S.
An equilibrium analysis of investment opportunities in a regional electrical grid
Energy Systems
Dementiev A.
Strategic partnerships in local public transport
Research in Transportation Economics
Cai J., Fukasawa M., Rosenbaum M., Tankov P.
Optimal discretization of hedging strategies with directional views
SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics
Viktorov I., Abramov A.
The state capture of Russian non-bank financial institutions and markets after the 2008 crisis
Competition and Change
Maarten C.W. Janssen, Mariya Teteryatnikova
Horizontal Product Differentiation: Disclosure and Competition
The Journal of Industrial Economics
Horta H., Yudkevich M.
The role of academic inbreeding in developing higher education systems: Challenges and possible solutions
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Asaturov K.
Time-varying beta of Russian companies
Journal of Applied Economic Sciences
Kazun A.
Juridical Field or Legal Profession? Comparison of Bourdieusian Theory and Theory of Professionalism for Studies of Legal Community
Comparative Sociology
Yakovlev A., Vyglovsky O., Demidova O., Bashlyk A.
Incentives for repeated contracts in public sector: Empirical study of gasoline procurement in Russia
International Journal of Procurement Management
Korotaev S., Shkaratan O., Gasiukova E.
Some notes on the issue of social stratification in russia: Lifestyle aspect [Mintys apie rusijos socialinę stratifikaciją: Gyvenimo būdo aspektas]
Filosofija, Sociologija

Прикладная математика и статистика (2016)

Перейти к публикациям по экономике и финансам

Sazonov I., Kelbert M., Gravenor M.B. 
Random migration processes between two stochastic epidemic centers 
Mathematical Biosciences
Kelbert M., Konakov V., Menozzi S.
Weak error for Continuous Time Markov Chains related to fractional in time P(I)DEs
Stochastic Processes and their Applications
Aleskerov F., Petrushchenko V.
DEA by sequential exclusion of alternatives in heterogeneous samples
International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making
Bogachev V.I., Shaposhnikov S.V., Veretennikov A.Yu.
Differentiability of solutions of stationary fokker-planck-kolmogorov equations with respect to a parameter
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems- Series A
Lee E.R., Mammen E.
Local linear smoothing for sparse high dimensional varying coefficient models
Electronic Journal of Statistics
Da Prato G., Flandoli F., Röckner M., Veretennikov A.Y.
Strong uniqueness for sdes in hilbert spaces with nonregular drift
Annals of Probability
Karpov A.
A new knockout tournament seeding method and its axiomatic justification
Operations Research Letters
Molchanov S., Faizullin D.A., Nesmelova I.V.
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Translational Diffusion of Proteins in the Vicinity of Temperature-Induced Unfolding Transition
Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Chernyshev V.L.
Semiclassical spectral series of a quantum Schrödinger operator corresponding to a singular circle composed of equilibria
Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics
Chernyshev V.L., Tolchennikov A.A., Shafarevich A.I.
Behavior of quasi-particles on hybrid spaces. Relations to the geometry of geodesics and to the problems of analytic number theory
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics
Huang L., Menozzi S.
A parametrix approach for some degenerate stable driven SDEs
Annales de l'institut Henri Poincare (B) Probability and Statistics
Cordeiro de Amorim R., Makarenkov V., Mirkin B.
A-Wardpβ: Effective hierarchical clustering using the Minkowski metric and a fast k-means initialisation
Information Sciences
Belomestny D., Krätschmer V.
Optimal stopping under model uncertainty: Randomized stopping times approach
Annals of Applied Probability
Chamorro D., Menozzi S.
Fractional operators with singular drift: Smoothing properties and Morrey-Campanato spaces
Revista Matematica Iberoamericana
Minenkov D.S., Nazaikinskii V.E., Chernyshev V.L.
On the asymptotics of the element counting function in an additive arithmetic semigroup with exponential counting function of prime generators
Functional Analysis and its Applications