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109028, Moscow
11 Pokrovsky Boulevard,
Room Т-614
Phone: (495) 628-83-68

email: fes@hse.ru 

First Deputy Dean Sergey Merzlyakov
Deputy Dean for Academic Work Elena Pokatovich
Deputy Dean for Research Dmitry A. Veselov
Deputy Dean for International Affairs Liudmila S. Zasimova
Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Studies Elena Burmistrova
Systemic Financial Risk
In press

Springer Publishing Company, 2024.

Semyon Falkner and the Modern Monetary Theory: Contributions to the Russian Tradition in the Theory of Money

Nenovsky N.

AlterEconomics (ранее - Журнал экономической теории). 2024. No. 21. P. 29-57.

Book chapter
Mediating Role of ESG Practices in Determining M&A Premiums in Info-Communications

Grishunin S., Burova E., Suloeva S. et al.

In bk.: 23rd International Conference, NEW2AN 2023, and 16th Conference, ruSMART 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 21–22, 2023, Proceedings, Part II. Internet of Things, Smart Spaces, and Next Generation Networks and Systems. LNCS, volume 14543. Springer, 2024. P. 272-283.

Working paper
Decompounding under general mixing distributions

Belomestny D., Morozova E., Panov V.

math.ST. arXiv.org. Cornell University, 2024. No. 2405.05419.


The Door to Apartment No. 10

Grandma’s Room (1970s)
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old Moscow at this exhibition of plasticine works by Alexey Mikulin at the Izmaylovo Gallery

Paper of Alexander Tarasov in Economic Theory

Paper of Alexander Tarasov in Economic Theory
Congratulations to Alexander Tarasov, Head and Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical Economics, on the publication of his paper "Optimal income taxation under monopolistic competition " in Economic Theory.

‘Our Experimental Economics Community Welcomes Everyone from Professors to Bachelor’s Students’

‘Our Experimental Economics Community Welcomes Everyone from Professors to Bachelor’s Students’
From September 19–27, 2023, the Third Pacific School Conference on Experimental Economics (PSEE) will take place in Vladivostok. The conference has been organised by the HSE UniversityInternational Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics as part of the Mirror Laboratories project with the Research Laboratory for Modelling Socio-Economic Processes at Far Eastern Federal University. The conference will be held in an in-person format, and foreign participants can take part online.

‘Thinking Up Auctions Is Extremely Interesting’

Oleg Baranov with his PhD advisor, Professor Larry Ausubel, 2011
Oleg Baranov is a graduate of Moscow State University, the New Economic School, and the University of Maryland. He also lectured and ran a popular course on market design at the University of Colorado. He recently passed review for a tenured position at HSE University, and served as the Head of the International Recruiting Committee at the Faculty of Economic Sciences in the 2022–2023 academic year. He will also begin teaching the course ‘Microeconomics 2’ on the HSE and NES Joint Programme in Economics in September 2023. In his interview, Oleg talks about auctions, studying for a PhD, and international recruiting.

‘We Live in a World with Imperfect Information. Network Theory Can Help’

‘We Live in a World with Imperfect Information. Network Theory Can Help’
Mariya Teteryatnikova, Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical Economics at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (FES), talks about building an academic career in economics, European students and teaching in Vienna, the role of network theory in different contexts, international recruiting and more.

‘Be ambitious!’

‘Be ambitious!’
Gao Song from China, master student at HSE Financial Engineering Program, applied and was successfully admitted to study for a masters in Quantitative Economics and Finance at the University of Luxembourg during his second year of masters studies at HSE. Upon successful completion of both programs, he will be awarded a masters degree from both institutions. From the Fall 2023, Gao Song will start his PhD program as a Doctoral Researcher at the Parallel Computing and Optimization Group (PCOG) in the Computer Science Department at the University of Luxembourg

‘I Don't Even Know What I Like More: Running or Working’

‘I Don't Even Know What I Like More: Running or Working’
Sergey Stepanov is an Associate Professor at ICEF and the School of Finance. He is also the Academic Supervisor of the HSE/NES Programme in Economics, a joint programme that teaches students fundamental knowledge of economics, modern methods of economic analysis, and mathematical methods for solving economic tasks. Sergey spoke to Olga Krylova about the joint programme, his research work with colleagues and students, and his second big passion—running.

International Center of Decision Choice and Analysis Invites Interns

International Center of Decision Choice and Analysis aka DeCAn invites qualified candidates to intern under the supervision of Professor Aleskerov

‘Education Is the Formation of Horizons and Economic Thinking’

Sergey Pekarski, Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences
What are the modern trends in economic education and how are they incorporated in HSE programmes? Why do economists need machine learning and artificial intelligence? Is it necessary to attend lectures and how can students get the most out of their bachelor's programme? How radical are the changes in economic laws that have occurred in recent years? These questions and many other topics were discussed by Sergey Pekarski, Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences (FES), and interns of the Laboratory for Economic Journalism.

Our Graduates from Business Area Come Back to Teach

In an interview with the Head of the Analytical Center “BusinessDrom” Pavel Samiev, Head of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences’ School of Finance, Professor Irina Ivashkovskaya spoke about where current students want to work, how to involve business representatives in educational activities, and what changes have recently taken place in financial education.