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109028, Moscow
11 Pokrovsky Boulevard,
Room Т-614
Phone: (495) 628-83-68

email: fes@hse.ru 

Academic Supervisor Konstantin Sonin
First Deputy Dean Sergey Merzlyakov
Deputy Dean for Academic Work Elena Pokatovich
Deputy Dean for Research Dmitry A. Veselov
Deputy Dean for International Affairs Ludmila S. Zasimova
Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Studies Elena Burmistrova
Digital Education in Russia and Central Asia (EDAP, vol.65)

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Development of the horizon index to evaluate long-termism of Russian non-financial companies
In press

Grishunin S., Naumova E., Lukshina N.

Russian Management Journal. 2022. Vol. 1.

Book chapter
Russian Competition Policy Over Value Chains in Agricultural and Food Sectors

Avdasheva S. B., Markin M.

In bk.: Global Food Value Chains and Competition Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022. P. 223-239.

Working paper
Reforming international trade policy: NLP-based content analysis of the recent history of debates

Zhokhov M., Galeev A.

Экономические реформы конца XX века: опыт и уроки новейшей истории. WP11. Высшая школа экономики, 2022

Tag "alumni" – News

‘Very Little Money Can Solve Very Big Problems’

Mariam Margaryan
Mariam Margaryan, a graduate of the HSE University Economics and Statistics programme, HSE University lecturer, and the Fundraising Director of the Friends Foundation, says that she got into philanthropy by accident. As a student of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences, she planned to forge a career in a large consulting company. She spoke of her path to NGOs, her favourite social projects and her work at the University in an interview with the HSE University Project-Based Learning Laboratory of Economic Journalism.

‘HSE University Graduates Are an Elite Who Can Show Excellent Results and Achieve a Lot Both in Russia and Abroad’

‘HSE University Graduates Are an Elite Who Can Show Excellent Results and Achieve a Lot Both in Russia and Abroad’
Elizaveta Vityuk is a graduate of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences, and a partner in McKinsey&Company, the largest global management consulting company. Elizabeth spoke to HSE news service about her career path, her work as a consultant and about the tasks that she has to solve.

Guess the Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences!

The chocolate medal traditionally served at the Nobel Banquet.
The HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences invites you to guess the Nobel Prize winners in economics.

Everybody Is Nice, Unique And Intelligent In Their Own Way

Everybody Is Nice, Unique And Intelligent In Their Own Way
At this time our summer intern, Camryn, compares US and Russian students’ paths into higher education. Vladimir, also a fourth year student of the Economics and Statistics undergraduate program provides a meaningful insight on the possible application track available to any motivated high school kid, who loves math and self study. Olympiads, Russian State Exam, study subjects, different career tracks and students’ motivations uncovered

Intense Curriculum with Many Benefits: HSE University Degree Takes Alum from Moscow and Rotterdam to Brussels

Edoardo Alberti
Strategic Corporate Finance Master’s Programme alumnus Edoardo Alberti (’18) currently works in Brussels, a major energy company. He spoke with HSE News Service about how his studies at HSE University prepared him for a career right after graduation.